Kris Aquino irked by netizen bullying Bimby: 'Watch your back'

The host responded to a netizen making fun of Bimby online.

Kris Aquino irked by netizen bullying Bimby: 'Watch your back'-PUSH TEAM

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12/27/2017 09:41 AM
Kris Aquino irked by netizen bullying Bimby: 'Watch your back'


Kris Aquino became furious over a netizen making fun of Bimby in one of her Instagram posts.

The netizen commented, “Omg! Bimbyyyy @mehransmom @junahgrace. Hahahaha unsaon nalang kaha reaction sa imo papa James @jamesyap18. (Omg! Bimbyyyy @mehransmom @junahgrace. Hahahaha paano na lang kaya ang reaction ng papa mong si James @jamesyap18).”

Kris then responded, “@josephlacearl you seem to not realize Bincai is fluent in Bisaya- so if you intend to disrespect my son- how about trying a foreign language not a [dialect] easily understood by someone w/ me now? Regarding the reaction of Bimb’s biological father- he lost that privilege when he declared to the world that he lost interest in exerting effort to be a father to Bimb when he was promoting a bar he was a co investor in."

 She also warned the netizens that there would be legal consequences the next time they make fun of her son. “To your friends @mehransmom & @junahgrace - to the 3 of you next time you try to bully my son, remember that you are creating an enemy in me. And until he is 18- you are committing child abuse. I have taken a screen shot of your negativity & we keep a file of these types of comments w/ my lawyer Atty Fortun. You must really have a boring life for you to need to get cheap thrills commenting at the expense of a 10 year old. I have said this time & again- attack me you will just get sarcasm at the very most. But bully my son- and watch your back. DI AKO MABAIT. Just ask Bimb’s dad, (sic)” she posted.

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