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Wil Dasovich reveals his journey before hitting 1 million subscribers on YouTube

Wil Dasovich: ‘Falling down is a part of life. Getting back up is living’

Wil Dasovich reveals his journey before hitting 1 million subscribers on YouTube-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


12/22/2017 11:18 AM
Wil Dasovich reveals his journey before hitting 1 million subscribers on YouTube


Wil Dasovich is still on cloud nine after hitting one million subscribers on YouTube recently. He confessed that he did not expect it as it all happened so fast.

“Hitting one million subscribers was something beyond my wildest dreams as I never thought my channel and career on YouTube would take off this fast. It was just last year that I had only 10,000 subscribers and I remember planning on hitting 100,000 subscribers by the age of 30. So you can imagine how flabbergasted I was by the extreme growth of my channel," he said.

Wil attributed his success to his honesty when it comes to vlogging. He remarked that being open with his audience helped him establish a great connection with them.

“A lot of people watch my channel because they are either entertained by my humor or inspired and motivated by my story. I started from the bottom and grinded through the trenches of the Philippine entertainment industry and took a different route to come out on top. I documented everything from the beginning, put it on YouTube, and shared a lot of information about things that people were not aware of–something that no one had done yet. I’ve always tried to incorporate life lessons and provide an informative aspect to my vlogs so that people could actually learn something and be influenced in a positive way. Just being personal and honest is how I’ve created a strong bond with my viewers,” he stated.

Wil relayed that being able to influence and to help other vloggers kick-start their careers is one of the best moments of his journey as a YouTuber.

“One of the many highlights of my vlogging career is being able to witness the success of other vloggers whom I have influenced, most notably Baninay Bautista. Baninay was someone who got a stint on a reality show (PBB), and was never given an opportunity from anyone to go further into her career in the entertainment industry. I saw the potential in her talent and explained to her that there was another way to succeed in the entertainment industry. To take matters into your own hands and create content online,” he stated.

He continued, “She was at a point of uncertainty in her life where she didn’t have much money, recently lost both her parents, and was giving up on any of her dreams in regards to show business. Once she started YouTubing that all turned around and today she has over 300,000 subscribers, a steady income, the opportunity to travel to different countries, she had never been on an airplane before all of this, and most of all she is having more fun than she has ever had in her life! It makes me feel like a proud father I want to cry!”

Wil confessed that getting started as a YouTuber was tough. He considers it as the most challenging moment of his career.

“Getting over the fear of what other people thought about me and just creating a YouTube channel, and posting videos for the world to judge me [was the most challenging]. Once you get over the fear of judgment from others aka ‘DGAFing,’ only then will you be able to reach your maximum potential in life. Starting a YouTube channel and vlogging was harder than anything I have ever experienced in my life including getting a college degree, going through Pinoy Big Brother, and even the fight for my life against cancer,” he shared.

As he hit this new milestone in his career, Wil shared that there are more exciting things to come that he is ecstatic to share soon to his viewers.

“This is just the beginning and the comeback is something I am very excited about. If there is something my viewers should look forward to it is me getting back on the horse and exemplifying resilience. I have so many travels and big plans for the year of 2018 that will surely not disappoint. Falling down is a part of life. Getting back up is living,” he remarked.