Wil Dasovich hits one million subscribers on YouTube

Congratulations, Wil Dasovich!

Wil Dasovich hits one million subscribers on YouTube-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


12/20/2017 07:54 PM
Wil Dasovich hits one million subscribers on YouTube
Photo credit to wil_dasovich IG


It was a momentous day for Wil Dasovich who just hit a million subscribers on his YouTube channel on Wednesday, December 20 (PH time). The popular YouTuber posted a short clip of him and Alodia Gosiengfiao while doing the countdown to his millionth subscriber.

“WE MADE IT FAM! #RoadToGold has now concluded and it only took 400+ vlogs and a near death experience!😅😓 Check the full vlog to see how this went down! Thanks to all of you for making this happen we just smashed another milestone. The comeback is real & this is only the beginning,” he wrote on his Instagram page.

He added that he still has more good news to share to his followers in the coming days. “I’M excited to share regarding everything. Lastly, what was the vlog that made you subscribe? I’m loving all the feedback & your responses are taking me back in time through this long journey! (And thanks to @alodiaalmira for sharing this moment with me 😊❤️) Next...#RoadToDiamondChar” he posted.