Wil Dasovich is almost done with chemotherapy

The popular online personality posted an update about his cancer journey on YouTube.


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12/19/2017 3:11 PM
Wil Dasovich is almost done with chemotherapy


Wil Dasovich’s chemotherapy session is almost coming to an end. Wil has been diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer and has to undergo the procedure to combat the disease. 

"I'm gonna be done [with chemotherapy] by January if the scan is good," he said in a new YouTube video he uploaded. Wil is currently on the 9th cycle. He said that he is willing, though, to do a 10th cycle yet he relayed that too much chemotherapy might damage his nerves so he will just wait for the results of his scans and the doctor's advice.  

Wil said that he has been feeling good in general. "I feel really great. One of the things that got me through this whole process is feeling like you're worth something and feeling you're productive like you're still productive and able to do stuff," he said.  

Watch the video below: