Sarah Lahbati shares lessons from first pregnancy

Sarah has chosen to embody a new mindset as she welcomes her newest baby boy.


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12/19/2017 2:32 PM
Sarah Lahbati shares lessons from first pregnancy

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Sarah Lahbati will soon be welcoming another boy in their small family composed of her fiance Richard Gutierrez and their son Zion. But before doing so, Sarah enumerated the things that she culled from her first pregnancy. 

The actress-turned-blogger, compared her current to her first pregnancy on her blog, after being inspired by her Twitter followers during a mini Q&A session. 

“I learned to appreciate and love my mother even more for everything she has done for me,” wrote Sarah on her blog. 

It may be recalled that Sarah stayed in her hometown Switzerland during her first pregnancy. 

“I learned to be tough, to choose my battles wisely,” she said. “My heart grew bigger as I learned that loving has no limits and that is what Zion has taught me.”

On her second pregnancy, Sarah has opted to choose a positive mindset.

“I am learning not to sweat the small stuff, to let go of toxic people that are harming my happiness, to meditate and focus on all the blessings and my happiness,” she said. 

According to Sarah, this new mindset is really inspired by her upcoming new bundle of joy. 

“When you have a little miracle inside of you, it’s better to channel your energy to be and stay positive!”

Richard and Sarah are set to welcome another baby boy come Summer of 2018.