Kris Aquino gives her Neverfull LV bag to netizen

Kris Aquino gives her Neverfull LV bag to netizen-PUSH TEAM


12/19/2017 09:18 AM
Kris Aquino gives her Neverfull LV bag to netizen


Despite what she said were some doors closing on her this year, Kris Aquino managed to slowly build her empire on social media. As a sign of gratitude to her avid supporters, she gave away a number of her “lucky” luxury belongings like her Hermes wallet, Chanel tote bag, and a Neverfull Louis Vuitton bag. She also gave away gift certificates and other items.

Kris’s team went through all of her followers hoping to receive the bag and Kris finally chose Michelle Bernal. In her webisode, she shared that she has a soft spot for mothers. Michelle is a mom of two who is currently battling breast cancer. Currently, she is still doing some chemotherapy and her eldest daughter takes care of her. Kris was so moved by the love shown by Michelle’s mother-in-law and daughter that she gave gift certificates to them.

Kris met Michelle who said that it would make her happy if Kris included her in her prayers which Kris promised to do. During their meeting, they were also able to raise some awareness for breast cancer. 

Kris said that those who have a family history of breast cancer have higher chances of acquiring it, too. Another factor is when you got your period too early or too late.