Who is Kris Aquino’s favorite ex?

Who is Kris Aquino’s favorite ex?-PUSH TEAM


12/16/2017 02:23 PM
Who is Kris Aquino’s favorite ex?


In a clip uploaded on Facebook, Kris Aquino gamely answered questions about ex-lovers. She also revealed, without answering directly, that her favorite ex-boyfriend is Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista.

“My favorite ex is the one who gives all the permits in Quezon City. Dami ko kayang negosyo sa Quezon City. Bakit ba, hello?” she said.
She also gave an advice about love and said, “Parang ang dami talagang ‘no, never, not again, enough,’ kaya nga siya ex. ‘Wag ka mag-e-entertain ng anybody who ever accused you of being high maintenance. There’s no such thing as a girl who is high maintenance, there’s only no effort boys.”

Kris added that there’s no problem being friends with an ex especially if he/she has been friendly.

“There’s nothing wrong with being friendly with someone who’s good to you,” she said.

Kris revealed her shot-lived romance with Herbert last 2014.