Kris Aquino is a certified ‘fillenial’

Kris Aquino is a certified ‘fillenial’-PUSH TEAM


12/15/2017 10:43 AM
Kris Aquino is a certified ‘fillenial’
Photo credit: @krisaquino IG


Kris Aquino is known for being in the know when it comes to trends and new things such as social media, artists like Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and most recently, K-pop boy band BTS. But since Kris has a “strict bunso” Bimby, she had to be sneaky about posting about cute camera filters on social media.

“Since my 2 sons left, I feel like a mama sneaking to do some naughtiness- this filter w/ the heart was just too cute to resist. So I played w/ it while my strict bunso is out. Pagbigyan niyo na, this is the effect of 2 days of forced bed rest,” she wrote.

In another post, she updated her followers that Bimby is giving her a go signal to have fun with the filters since she would post it anyway when he goes to sleep. He even called his mom a “fillenial” (feeling millennial).

“I got Bimb’s consent! He said he’s letting me be a #Fillennial (feeling millennial) or a ‘teenager’ or to be honest, he said, ‘go Mama if it makes you happy to be a reindeer even if it’s a bit weird, I’ll just let you- since when I fall asleep you’ll sneak & still post this,’” she wrote and described it as mababaw na kaligayahan.