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Jameson Blake on one of his leading ladies: ‘Na-feel ko yung chemistry’

Jameson Blake is excited to be part of his first Metro Manila Film Festival movie.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


12/15/2017 09:18 AM
Jameson Blake on one of his leading ladies: ‘Na-feel ko yung chemistry’


After winning his first Best Supporting Actor award for the Cinema One Originals film 2 Cool to be 4 Gotten, Jameson Blake admitted the blessings he has been receiving has been overwhelming especially now that he is joining his first Metro Manila Film Festival with Haunted Forest. “Actually it’s so good for me this year kasi I joined Cinema One Originals, Cinemalaya, tapos MMFF in one year so parang achievement para sa akin. It’s a big thing. Nabigla nga din ako,” he said during the Haunted Forest Blogcon held last December 13 in Quezon City.

Aside from being part of MMFF’s Haunted Forest with Jane Oineza and getting ready to promote Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa WiFi with Sue Ramirez next year, Jameson is also currently shooting another movie So Connected with Janella Salvador as well. The Hashtags member said he is enjoying the whole experience. “I think it’s a good exercise for me. I get to work with different people. I get to expand my craft, maximize it and learn more with different leading ladies. They all have different techniques and strategies and I can learn more from them kasi that’s a part of acting eh. You need to cooperate with your co-actor,” he shared.

The Haunted Forest actor said he was lucky to have very good onscreen partners. “They are all approachable. Some of them… I’ve worked with them before and then yung iba like si Janella I just met her sa set. I was never really friends with her. Si Sue (Ramirez) I was friends with her before pa. Si Julia (Barretto) dun lang (sa A Love to Last), and si Jane (Oineza) dito lang din sa Haunted Forest. They’re almost all the same. They’re all really nice, lovely, and very sweet,” he said.

Currently single and focusing on his career, Jameson said he sees different qualities he wants in an ideal girl in his leading ladies. “With Sue, I like how we have good talk about different things in life. It doesn’t only have to be about work, stuff like that. With Janella, I like how she’s just herself. You don’t see that she’s hiding or pretending to be anything. Si Jane din parang ganun, she’s just being herself lang and she’s really professional. Si Julia naman when you talk to her, she wants to get to know you and you can sense her aura,” he explained.

But of all the ladies he has worked with, Jameson admitted he feels the most natural chemistry on camera with his newest screen partner. “Kasi I’ve done a lot of scenes with Janella kasi we’re almost done shooting the movie. Siguro it’s our 11th day tomorrow. Si Sue kasi only two days lang. So I really felt it with Janella, parang na-feel ko yung chemistry. Parang we don’t really have to work for it. It just came out naturally. That’s how I felt when I was doing the scenes with Janella. So I didn’t really have any pressure on me,” he added.

Watch Haunted Forest under Regal Films at the 34th Metro Manila Film Festival starting December 25 in cinemas nationwide