EXCLUSIVE: Is Ylona Garcia getting a new love team partner?

Paolo Lim


12/14/2017 01:16 PM
EXCLUSIVE: Is Ylona Garcia getting a new love team partner?


With Bailey May pursuing his dreams as part of the Simon Fuller-formed global pop group Now United, does it mean goodbye to BaiLona? Well, we got the answer straight from Ylona Garcia who served as the celebrity guest during the grand launch of Thailand’s leading coffee chain - Cafe Amazon.
Bailey undoubtedly snagged the opportunity to be part of what is presumed to be the next big thing to watch out for in the international music scene.  So we asked the “Dahan Dahan Lang” singer exactly what she feels about the success of her love team partner.
“Well, siyempre I miss him. But I mean, masaya naman siya with what he’s doing. He’s going out, reaching for his dreams, which is what I’m proud of. And I think that’s what everyone should do,” she said. 
Apart from new music, Ylona teased what fans can expect from her in 2018. And yes, it involves her diving into acting.
“There’s going to be a lot of new music from me. And we’ll see something about acting. I’m not sure. Pero baka naman. Sa 2018 makikita niyo ‘yung mga hardworks ko,” she said.
Will it be a teleserye or a movie? Well, that’s a secret for now according to Ylona. But the bigger question is: is she getting a new love team partner for her next projects?
“Whatever Star Magic thinks is best for me and also my fans. My fans always know what’s best for me. But right now I wanna really focus on my solo career, try to make a name for myself and you know, see what’s it like to be known for myself and not just with someone else you know. I think that’s what everyone should go for,” she concluded.