Liza Soberano launches new business venture focusing on wellness

Liza Soberano shares how her wellness journey started.

Liza Soberano launches new business venture focusing on wellness-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


12/11/2017 09:25 AM
Liza Soberano launches new business venture focusing on wellness
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Liza Soberano launched her newest business venture called “HOPE Hand and Foot Wellness” in Quezon City on Sunday, November 10. The actress remarked that more than building a wellness center, it is also the launch of her advocacy for wellness.

“Wellness is not just something you do now. It’s forever. You can do it whenever you want, wherever you want and when you start practicing wellness rituals you can bring that with you forever and it could possibly make you feel younger even as you aged. And where I see my wellness center going is I want it to be bigger. I want it to be a platform for most Filipinos who aren’t educated enough about wellness rituals that it’s about time they start acknowledging wellness as part of their daily routine,” she said.

Liza relayed that her aunt inspired her to venture into the wellness industry. “Her name is Frances and she lives in the States,” she shared. The actress added that her wellness journey also began when she started using essential oil products.

“[My wellness journey] started when actually a little over eight months ago I started using essential oils as part of my daily routine. When I would meditate I would use it, when I am going to sleep I would mix it with the diffuser just to help me fall asleep faster so that’s how it all started,” she stated.

Asked if how she plans to balance being an actress and being an entrepreneur, she relayed, “For now, I am focus on my career of course but as much as possible I do wanna be part of this business. I have of course my family, my tita, to back up the things going on with my life and they are here to help me make the right decisions.”

With other celebrities also building their own spas and salons, how does she plan to thrive amid the competition?

“I really respect my fellow celebrities who are going into business because it shows that they are mature and that they are future-looking and that they are money-savvy. But there are other celebrities that do have something similar to the business that I have now but what I can say is that HOPE Hand and Foot Wellness center focuses on the wellness as a mindset and as a lifestyle and as a ritual.

“And it’s not just for the hand and the feet and hopefully in the future we can come up with more wellness treatments and hopefully wellness products to make people feel better about themselves. We want people to walk out of here feeling regenerated,” she said.

“HOPE Hand and Foot Wellness” is located at U4, Creekside Square, 74 Tomas Morato, Quezon City.