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Jennica Garcia announces second pregnancy

The actress reveals she has a sensitive pregnancy and was advised by her doctor to be on bed rest.

Ann Manhit


12/11/2017 02:03 AM
Jennica Garcia announces second pregnancy


Actress Jennica Garcia excitedly shared that she is pregnant a second time around on Instagram. She joyously announced the good news to her followers and said she and husband, actor Alwyn Uytingco have been trying to conceive since the beginning of the year.

“What a beautiful gift from God before the year ends. I am PREGNANT with our second child! 👶 Alwyn and I have been trying since January, ever since the year started that is why I just can't contain the joy in my heart,” Jennica began her post.

She also stated that she’s having a hard pregnancy this time around and have cancelled activities that might affect her baby.

“I am having a difficult pregnancy this time around. My doctor diagnosed our condition with threatened abortion because I've been contracting on almost a daily basis, while having my trans-v ultrasound, doctor said I was contracting but I couldn't feel it. Because of this I was asked to be on bed rest and take some medications. I cancelled all Kalinga Ni Nanay Classes for the month of December and January with the hope that by February, everything would go smoothly and our family can go back to our usual rhythm.”

Jennica thanked Alwyn and their firstborn Mori for being very supportive and patient with her condition. The actress also revealed that she and her hubby want to have a big family with 5 children.

“I appreciate my husband and Mori even more now that I am carrying another baby. Both has been very understanding of what I am going through. Even my 2-year-old started being patient with me. I hear her talking to her doll, how they must keep their voices down so I could rest. Haaay... Salamat Panginoon at ito na ang simula ng aking pangarap na magkaroon ng isang malaking pamilya. Dalawa na sila, tatlong chikiting na lang po! We appreciate all those who are praying for the good health of our second child. Maraming salamat po!”