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Wil Dasovich on news about his health: ‘That kind of terrifies me’

Wil Dasovich admits that doctors are not yet sure what they have found in his lungs.


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11/7/2017 11:26 AM
Wil Dasovich on news about his health: ‘That kind of terrifies me’


After revealing in his previous video blog that the oncologist found something in his lungs, Wil Dasovich revealed further details about his condition which he admitted has been scaring him. 

“The bad news is that you guys are aware of now is that they found something in my lungs. They are not really sure what it is, it is possibly an infection. I was hoping to get the concrete full answer, I get nervous when I’m talking about it. I was just hoping that I was black and white that it's this and it's that but it’s actually, as a matter of fact a very grey matter,” he said in a new YouTube video.

Wil confessed that he is scared about knowing that the doctors could not figure out yet what is in his lungs. “They’re not entirely sure what it is and the worst part for me they can’t rule out if it’s cancer. And that's all I want to hear that it’s not cancer and they can't rule that out so that kind of terrifies me that, that's a possibility. We don’t think it is, but it’s possible” he stated.

The popular YouTuber remarked that he thought that everything was going okay. “For me I was just really shocked with everything because I thought everything was going so great I was blazing through chemo, I was exercising every day.”

Now that the doctor has found something in his lungs, Wil shared that the he needs to stop doing chemo at the moment in order not to deplete the capacity of his immune system. Wil was supposed to undergo further chemotherapy to combat his stage 3 colon cancer.

“Basically, they want me to go through as many chemo cycles as I can get through but this is a little bit of a setback because we have to stop doing chemo because of this thing that's in my lungs. And if it's an infection, it’s very dangerous. You get sick if you're in chemo because your white blood cells, red blood cells, all your blood cells are really low so it’s hard for your immune system to fight an infection so we have to stop we have to stop doing chemo for the time being and just wait this out and figure out what’s going on. I guess that's the hardest part for me is waiting and not having definite answer,” he stated.

Watch the video below: