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Cheska Garcia-Kramer shares how her kids handle their social media fame

Cheska Garcia-Kramer says there is no favoritism in their family.

Cheska Garcia-Kramer shares how her kids handle their social media fame-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


11/05/2017 09:15 AM
Cheska Garcia-Kramer shares how her kids handle their social media fame


As part of one of the most popular celebrity families in the country, Doug and Cheska Kramer admitted there is really no difference when it comes to raising girls and boys. During their launch as the newest Happee toothpaste endorsers, Cheska said consistency is key in parenting. “You should always be a constant reminder. You know they are children. You can’t expect them to get it right away and we’ve all been kids at one point di ba and our parents would constantly remind us. So really putting patience there and being consistent and while being consistent you should also show them that you are modeling it as well. I’m the constant reminder everyday but Doug is the one who sets his foot down and says when it’s time to discipline them because they don’t listen to me na (laughs),” she revealed.

Having literally grown up in front of the camera just like she did, Cheska said her kids are used to the limelight. “Kendra is a little bit more reserved. Si Scarlett and Gavin they’re the makulit ones but it’s Gavin who’s really come out of his shell. But he’s also such a character eh. He’s a really active and fun little boy who also has a sense of humor so he’s fun to be with. It’s nice to grow up with the children who are already able to express what they feel and tell us what they feel and they really converse with us. We look forward to many more years of hearing our children’s thoughts,” she said.

Even though they have been dubbed as the “social media family” in showbiz because of their large following and viral posts, Cheska said her kids actually haven’t grasped the concept of fame yet. “Actually they don’t understand it. They know that people know them but the capacity of understanding they don’t know. In fact when Kendra had to do an essay for an exam and she was asked a question like what would you do to be able to advocate on something? She couldn’t understand the concept that she’s in social media and that she has an impact because she doesn’t understand it yet. You know what, we try to make our children live normal lives wherein they don’t feel like they’re above everyone else just because they’re known. And we like it to be that way until they really fully understand and then they are able to grasp the proper emotions and how to handle it because we don’t want to raise children that might feel that they are entitled or anything like that so we try to avoid that. It’s nice that they can just enjoy being kids,” she explained.

Cheska shared that the kids are into fads like Korean music right now but entering showbiz is not in their immediate interests. “Hindi yan pumapasok sa utak nila. As of now they think about their schooling, if they have their swimming, family time. They don’t really think of those things eh. The most that I’ve ever seen them really put interest in is their Korean pop fanatics so they super love that. Not now but later on maybe when they can decide on their own already then we can discuss about it as a family. But as of now we want them to do other things like enjoy being a kid,” she said.

Even with three adorable kids, Cheska said favoritism is not allowed in their household. We’ve already spoken to our kasambahays to tell them to never mention that one is more than the other. We don’t want to put those things in their heads. In our family so far naman our children don’t express na parang we love ganito more than the other. Walang ganun and we’re happy. It should stay that way,” she shared.