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Iñigo Pascual admits he and Sofia Andres were in a relationship

Maris Racal slams rumor that she and Diego Loyzaga are in a relationship.


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11/30/2017 9:50 AM
Iñigo Pascual admits he and Sofia Andres were in a relationship


On Tonight with Boy Abunda, Inigo Pascual and Maris Racal reiterated that they’re not dating but “exclusively talking.” Maris giggled and explained, “Kasi hindi po talaga kami nagde-date. Kasi wala po kaming oras.”

Inigo said, “We’re not dating kasi if we’re dating we would have to be spending more time with each other. And I wouldn’t want to be in a position where we put ourselves… pero parang I’m not able to give the time and effort that she deserves.”

Asked when they think they will reach the “in a relationship” status, Maris answered, “Very sacred po sa amin ang ‘in a relationship’. Kasi kapag in a relationship, dapat both of you fulfilled niyo na lahat ng dreams niyo and nagawa niyo na lahat ng gusto niyong gawin as a single.”

Inigo was asked pointblank if he and Sofia Andres were once in a relationship. Inigo paused but eventually said, “Yes, yes.” Asked how he feels that Maris is being blamed by some people for the breakup of Diego Loyzaga and Sofia Andres, Inigo said, “Hearing that I feel bad that people would think that Maris would do such thing. Para sa akin we’re all friends. Diego is my friend, Sofia is my friend. Sofia is your (looking at Maris) friend as well. Something that we kind of just laugh about kasi kami mismo magkakaibigan kami. And the people outside are thinking of things na hindi naman totoo.”

Maris clarified that the rumors are not true. “No po, Tito Boy. To be honest, nahu-hurt ako kasi naja-judge yung friendship ng tao. Kasi kami talaga ni Diego, sobrang friends kami. And never kaming nagkaroon ng relationship to begin with…  Sobrang close ko po sa mommy niya and sa tita kaya, siguro naja-judge ng friends na meron kaming relationship.”

Maris added that she and Sofia are friends.