Wil Dasovich: ‘They found something in my lung’

Wil Dasovich shares an update about his current health status.


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11/3/2017 11:50 AM
Wil Dasovich: ‘They found something in my lung’


In a new YouTube video, Wil Dasovich relayed that they got a call from the oncologist who delivered a new update about his current condition. “They found something in my lung which is not necessarily cancer, don’t jump into conclusion. But they just have to make sure and do another CT scan, so I have to go in the MRI,” Wil said.

He confessed that the news frightened him. “That’s just scary because when colon cancer metastasized, the first place it goes is to your lung which is why essentially I’m just freaked out right now but we’ll find out with my CT scan,” he admitted. 

Nonetheless, Wil said that the chemotherapy to combat his stage 3 colon cancer has been working. “I’m reacting to the chemo,” he relayed. He still needs to go further test to get the complete details on how the cancer reacted to the four cycles of chemo.