Baron Geisler fumes over actress Nadia Montenegro

Baron claimed that Nadia refuses to talk to him about his car


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11/26/2017 9:39 AM
Baron Geisler fumes over actress Nadia Montenegro


Baron Geisler wasn’t able to mask his anger towards Nadia Montenegro for failing to return his car.

In an interview with PEP, Baron lamented that it has been five months since he handed over his car to Nadia to help him sell it at a time when he’s in dire need of money.

The controversial actor explained that his anger stems from the fact that Nadia has failed to return his car.

G*g* siya. Pinapahirapan niya buhay ko. Pinapahirapan niya ang buhay ko,” he blurted.

Turns out that Baron’s hoping to sell the car in order to settle his airline penalty after being caught smoking inside the lavatory December of last year.

Baron has to settle his P50,000 penalty to PAL Express before December 5 in order for him not to be detained.

Unfortunately though, he has yet to hear from Nadia about the status of his Toyota Camry.

Ah, binlock niya ako a month ago,” he said when asked when was the last time that he has spoken with her.

In the end, Baron stressed that he’s only hoping for one thing.

Yun lang [maibalik ang kotse], kaysa makulong ako. Kasi, I cannot reach her anymore eh. Ayaw niya makipag-usap eh,” he ended.