Fab ‘mompreneur’ Georgina Wilson opens up about her parenting style

When does Georgina Wilson plan to have baby #2?

Fab ‘mompreneur’ Georgina Wilson opens up about her parenting style-Gary Ann  Lastrilla
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11/25/2017 09:07 AM
Fab ‘mompreneur’ Georgina Wilson opens up about her parenting style
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“It girl” Georgina Wilson and her baby boy Archie Burnand are the new endorsers of international baby company brand Chicco.

During their endorsement launch on Thursday, November 23, Georgina talked about how motherhood changed her life.

“I didn’t know how happy I could be until I met Arch. Now I can cry on the spot at any given time. I’m going to leave it at that. And yeah, I just think it’s the best adventure I’ve ever been on. I guess I’m more emotional nowadays,” the model-reality show star laughingly admitted, adding that her heart opened up.

Saying that it is much easier to establish and run a company than to become a mother, the Sunnies Studios founder shared how much she looks up to moms and how honored she feels to be one.

Known for their frequent travelling, Georgina said that Archie, whom she described as well-behaved, has been to 11 countries already considering that he is just 11 months old.

“He’s a gift from God. As in iba siya. Sobrang bait. And you know the times when I need him like you know, when I’m a little stressed, because of course, hindi nawawala ‘yung stress when you’re travelling, he really cooperates talaga. Iba talaga. Ang bait niya,” she said, adding that her son takes after his father, Georgina’s husband Arthur.

Sharing her parenting style, Georgina said that she wants to empower Archie. “I don’t want to correct him too much, I don’t want to be his scary mom. I want to be his best friend. ‘Yun talaga. It’s how my mom brought me up and I feel like that’s how I want to be with Arch. I want him to respect me but not so much fear me. His dad naman is quite strict. Like you know, now pa lang may mga rules na siya.”

Revealing that they do not bring a helper with them when they travel abroad, Georgina talked about how hands-on she is as a mother.

“I would say I’m very hands on because I really had no yaya for the first four months so I learned how to be a mom on my own. That was very special for me. You know, it’s awesome to have help but for me, sometimes when you have help, you cop out, you know? So I really advise new moms to obviously take all the help around you but I think it’s so important to bond with your child. That’s why even up to now, I don’t bring a yaya when (we) travel because that’s my opportunity to get to know him.

“Life is so busy. I’m a working mom. Every hour with him is precious,” she added.

When asked about what she thinks is the right time for them to have a second baby, Georgina laughingly told PUSH, “Mga 10 years pa.”

Now that Archie has his very first endorsement deal, is Georgina open to having her son enter the world of show business?

“I’d like to say that I’m not a strict mom and I just want him to be happy in life so he really can make his own decisions and you’ll have to ask him when he can talk. But one thing I do feel very strongly about is him going to school,” she answered.