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Sam Oh reveals who is her most unforgettable K-Pop star interview

Sam Oh also shares her experience meeting South Korea president Moon Jae-In during his ASEAN visit.


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11/19/2017 10:11 AM
Sam Oh reveals who is her most unforgettable K-Pop star interview


After hosting the intimate meet and greet session of South Korea president Moon Jae-In during the recent ASEAN conference, Sam Oh shared why it was such an unforgettable moment for her. “I think my initial thoughts were, ‘wow that would be amazing, absolutely nerve-wracking, exciting.’ It was kind of like a roller coaster of emotions. I told the embassy this is a monumental kind of thing so if you’re a parent you’d want to see your child hosting something for the president so I would really like my parents to be there and the embassy graciously agreed and made sure that they were there,” she shared during the Polaris Treasure Trove launch held last November 16 in Ortigas.

After more than a decade of hosting, Sam shared that her most memorable interviews was also one of her first on television. “This was quite a while back, but there was a show called Queer Eye for the Straight Guy back when I was working for ETC. It was my first channel and they were the one that gave me my first opportunity to be on TV and start hosting. It was a very popular show and they brought the hosts over. They were so fun and so full of personality. I was a pretty new host at that time and I had to sit down with them and kind of take control of the interview. That was very memorable for me. I think I pulled it off because I was so new at the time I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into (laughs). Sometimes ignorance can be helpful. It was kind of like that,” she recalled.

With the popularity of K-Pop still going strong with Filipinos, Sam admitted it was a big advantage to her as a Korean who grew up in Manila. “I’ve been so lucky because I feel like with the Korean wave and all these Koreans that are getting so popular, I get to benefit off of that too because these celebrities are touring and when they come here, there’s not that many Korean hosts. So I get to host events for these guys and they have such a huge following. I just feel like that the timing has been on my side all these years,” she explained.

After doing countless interviews with celebrities, Sam said she still can’t help but feel star struck sometimes. “Of course! With the (South Korean) president definitely I was pretty star struck. When I think of the Korean celebrities that I’ve seen Lee Min Ho is always nakaka-star struck talaga. Also the first time they brought the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy I was at the presscon not as a host but to watch the show and two guys came in and I got teary-eyed. It was so funny (laughs). Those guys were pretty memorable,” she said.