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EXCLUSIVE: Bailey May talks about ‘pressure’ as a Now United member

Bailey May is currently in Los Angeles for a second boot camp.


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11/18/2017 9:17 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Bailey May talks about ‘pressure’ as a Now United member


Being part of Now United is not just all about the glitz and the glam as Bailey May revealed that they are now undergoing rigorous training as a group.

Bailey along with 13 other Now United members are currently in Los Angeles for their second boot camp.

The teen Kapamilya star described their second boot camp as something “harder.”

“We’ve been pushed harder. But without a doubt this has been my favorite because I’ve gotten to know everyone more,” shared Bailey in an exclusive interview with PUSH.

Now United’s Project Manager Yonta Taiwo explained that the members were now able to let loose.

“All the team members are together now and they are starting to create a special bond as a group that a group should have,” said Yonta.

According to her, the daily second boot camp challenges have been very helpful in building the bond among the Now United members.

“I think by going through the challenges that they have everyday with the choreography and vocal coaching and the media training, they are all starting to support one another and realize what a huge opportunity it is for them to represent their country together, all over the world,” she explained.

But how different or similar is the second boot camp from the first one?

“I think the first boot camp was a bit more competitive cause we had to show our uniqueness compared to the other kids. We had to put a little more,” explained Bailey.

Yonta, for her part, agreed and added that the first boot camp was a selection process.

“Nobody knew, like Bailey was saying, what the future holds, they didn’t know if they have a secure place. Yeah so that pressure everyday ‘Am I going to get in?’ ‘Am I performing enough?’ There’s a lot more pressure then,” she said.

While many might think that this second boot camp is less stressful, Yonta added, “There’s still pressure but it’s a different kind of pressure, it’s like we’re a group now.”

Bailey described it as “Exciting pressure.”

The 14-member global pop group Now United is set to tour the world soon after their official launch.