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EXCLUSIVE: Bea Rose Santiago wants to do more acting projects next year

Bea Rose Santiago reveals her thoughts about her love scene with Richard Gutierrez.


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11/17/2017 9:32 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Bea Rose Santiago wants to do more acting projects next year


After being launched as the first celebrity ambassador of Polaris Treasure Trove, beauty queen turned actress Bea Rose Santiago said she considers it a blessing to be chosen as a new ambassador. “This is one of the most amazing days of my life. So after winning Miss International this is something that I’m very proud of. I’m so thankful that they chose me. I grew up with Spanish lolas so they’re the type of people who would just wear simple clothing but have these big gems like pearls. I love pearls and I grew up with my mom always wearing pearls everyday to work. She’s a pharmacist so she had a uniform that she’d always have to wear so an accessory is the only thing she can use to show her style. So I grew up with that kind of woman, very strong but very, very stylish,” she told PUSH during the Polaris Treasure Trove event held last November 16 in Ortigas.

Currently part of the cast of the hit primetime series La Luna Sangre, Bea Rose said the experience has actually inspired her to do more acting. “It’s the first time for me to do an everyday show as part of the supporting cast and it’s very different from being a beauty queen. Aside from [the fact that] probably the hours are the same, I love acting and you get to meet really good people. I’m so glad that even when I get smaller roles I get to meet these big stars who are so down-to-earth and you learn from them. This is only my first year acting. I’m very happy with my role as a vampire. It’s one of my dreams. I watched Twilight  and a lot of Vampire Diaries and The Originals. It makes me want to be one (laughs). I’m very happy na nabuhay ko yung pangarap ko in La Luna Sangre,” she said.

One of the most memorable scenes she has shot was her very first one with Richard Gutierrez who plays the head vampire on the show. “Oh my God I think in my first week in La Luna I already had to do a bed scene with the Richard Gutierrez. I actually didn’t know until the day. He’s my childhood crush. I grew up watching him and used to fancy him and Anne Curtis together (laughs). They were my love team and so it’s just very fun but he’s very, very professional. Obviously he didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. He was asking if things were okay. It’s because he also directs so he knows kung ano gagawin mo so it was very professional, very good,” she recalled.

The former Miss International winner shared that her transition to acting was not so difficult because of her background in modeling. “I guess because I used to model as well it was my main job before for almost ten years so we have to do a little bit of acting. I do a lot of commercials. It’s just that La Luna is a lot different…” she shared.