Ruffa Gutierrez conquers Divisoria ‘anonymously’

Ruffa revealed that she was later on recognized by the people in Divisoria


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11/16/2017 8:31 AM
Ruffa Gutierrez conquers Divisoria ‘anonymously’

Photo credit: @ iloveruffag IG


Ruffa Gutierrez has officially crossed off another “milestone” on her list on Wednesday as she went to Divisoria for the first time.

In a post by the host-actress on her Instagram account, Ruffa can be seen walking past the people in the Manila commercial area in disguise.

Ruffa donned a face mask, a cap and a sunglasses to be able to blend in the crowd.

According to her, it was her boyfriend Jordan Mouyal who invited her to shop there.

In the comments section of her posts, she shared the reason why she went to Divisoria—and that is to purchase a Christmas tree.

Did the people recognize her? Ruffa says the people did after a few minutes.