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Winwyn Marquez shares why she now wants to be called ‘Teresita’

2017 Reina Hispanoamericana winner Winwyn Marquez also talks about her advocacies during her reign.

Winwyn Marquez shares why she now wants to be called ‘Teresita’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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11/15/2017 09:10 AM
Winwyn Marquez shares why she now wants to be called ‘Teresita’


After bringing home the Reina Hispanoamericana crown earlier this month, Winwyn Marquez said she cannot wait to start her reign in the Philippines. “Of course I want to start in our country. The Hispanic culture is lost in the Philippines. We all know that the Hispanic culture is where we started, the Spaniards brought traditions, culture, and our faith in God started with them. Sana ma-promote ko yun, sana mabuhay, sana ma-inform din mga millennials sa lahat na gusto malaman ang history and culture kasi it’s about time that we learned our history as well. When you know who you really are, when you know your history and your unique heritage, you will create your own unique identity. I don’t speak Spanish, I’m not fluent but I am ready to learn and I hope that will also tap other people to want to learn,” she shared during her presscon held last November 13 in Quezon City.

During the pageant, Winwyn said she did not have any regrets with her performance and use of an interpreter. “It’s a disadvantage to have an interpreter. But I think okay na yung ginawa ko. I couldn’t have done it better. But mas maganda kasi yung tuloy tuloy mas na-e-express mo ng tama, mas fluid. But I can’t complain because the interpreter helped me. At least naintindihan din naman. I heard a lot of people tell me na hindi masyado na-interpret ng tama na lahat but fortunately, the judges, I think nine of them spoke English because they were consuls, ambassadors, so at least naintindihan nila. So I’m very fortunate,” she said.

After using her real name Teresita Ssen Marquez in the pageant, the new beauty title holder said it is time to use it in her own country as well. “Actually ang nagbigay ng idea is sir Arnold (Vegafria) because Teresita ang ginamit ko sa pageant and yuna ng nakilala sa South America. Meron kaming instance where everyone wanted to get my social media account and they were trying to look for my name as Teresita Marquez hindi nila mahanap. So sabi ko it’s Win Marquez, sabi nila, ‘Who’s Winwyn?’ Sabi ko that’s my nickname in the Philippines. Pero kasi Teresita made a mark in South America and also when I was in New York some people view me as Teresita and not Winwyn and I think it’s also a good idea to start na ipakilala ko kung ano yung totoong pangalan ko. I hope makuha din ng Pinoy na Teresita talaga ako. Maybe it would take time but I would love to use my real name from now on,” she explained.

Winwyn said her advocacy will focus primarily on education. “Besides promoting the Hispanic culture of course I will promote education. I want to learn the Hispanic culture. It’s nice to also inject education in the larger picture. Kung sino man ang gusto matuto, it’s not just the millennials. Whoever wants to have a good education, at whatever age, yun ang gusto ko i-push. At the same time, I’m not going to stay in Bolivia. But I’m going there back and forth, it’s depends on the organization. I talked to them if I can really focus on my own country. Mas maganda kasi na magsimula ka sa country natin eh. This is my country. I want to promote the Hispanic culture here first. I want to do projects in my own country first before I reach out to other countries. Siyempre you start where you started. You help those kung saan ka nagsimula,” she explained.

Even with her duties as a beauty queen, Winwyn said she also looks forward to going back to showbiz soon. “My organization is very open and they think whatever platform you can speak and whatever platform you can get for people to hear you, grab it. I started being an actress and I would love to go back. I don’t think maaapektuhan yung responsibilities ko as a beauty queen kasi kung may oras ka, kung alam mo naman yung gagawin mo magagawan mo talaga ng paraan. So I’m going to accept projects as well,” she said.

As for her relationship with boyfriend Mark Herras, Winwyn said any serious plans will have to be pushed back for now. “He understands that. He knows that very well. And I have so much in planning for my future and siyempre gusto ko munang i-prioritize yun,” she added.