StyleStalker: How to rock chinita makeup like Kim Chiu

Celebrity makeup artist Jake Galvez shares what to do to make your Asian features stand out.


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11/13/2017 9:53 AM
StyleStalker: How to rock chinita makeup like Kim Chiu


As Kim Chiu’s makeup artist for the past five years, Jake Galvez knows how to make her natural beauty stand out. “Kim is already pretty but she has very strict requirements in terms of the eyes on how all her makeup artists want it to be big and defined. “She has very chinky eyes so we use a lot of eyeliner on her because yung lash line niya is not really defined and she doesn’t have that much lashes so eyeliner and eyelashes is a must for all her looks,” he shared during the SM Beauty So Much Gifts events held last November 8 in Makati City.

Having worked in the makeup industry for more than a decade, Jake revealed what is a must have beauty item for ladies with chinita eyes like Kim. “The best is to get the best waterproof eyeliner. She’s an actress so she cries in her movies and TV shows so it’s very important that it’s waterproof. Choose the most natural eyelashes for everyday, whether she’s going to do a soap or she’s going to do ASAP or an event,” he explained.

Jake also advised when you have features like the Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin star it is good to know what colors best suit your eyes. “When you’re chinita it’s very important that you choose the right color of eye shadow on you. Because the eye shadow will actually matter if you’re trying to make your eyes defined or bigger. “Of course the neutral tones which are the browns, the taupes, and the navy, those are the ones that can make your eyes bigger. So stay away from using metallic colors, frosted colors or something that is iridescent in terms of texture kasi that will make your eyes actually look more chinkier or more bulgier. For Kim I use warm shades kasi yung colors that I used for her are more of the warm tones which is gold and bronze,” he said.