Sandara Park answers critics calling her “jobless”

Sandara Park answers critics calling her “jobless”-Joan Leary
Joan Leary


11/13/2017 06:19 PM
Sandara Park answers critics calling her “jobless”


After 2NE1 disbanded, Sandara Park became more exposed online and even made her own Youtube channel. But while her avid fans loved the travel vlogs she has been creating, others were curious as to why she would always travel, with some calling her “jobless”.

During her trip to Bangkok, Thailand, the Korean pop star shared that when she was still working with a group, she didn’t know life and work balance but this time, she knows better. Admitting that it’s harder to work alone now going to meetings overseas for “self-promotion”, she now knows how to enjoy whenever she has the time.

“I really want to talk about this, that the job I do, people are not aware of the story behind and they sayin’ ‘Is she jobless hanging around all the time, traveling again?’ but [that’s] not true,” she said in Korean.

She then gave a little background about the hours she’s spending filming for her projects.

“What do you know about me?” she quipped.