Maria Isabel Lopez apologizes after using the ASEAN lane



11/13/2017 06:05 PM
Maria Isabel Lopez apologizes after using the ASEAN lane


Maria Isabel Lopez recently made headlines after sharing on Facebook that she opened the lane intended for the ASEAN delegates. This didn’t sit well with the MMDA.

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She then apologized and said she’s only human.

“The end doesn’t justify the means but I needed to answer the call of nature because I had been stuck in traffic for three hours. Sorry, but I’m only human,” she told Philippine Daily Inquirer. (‘Sorry, I’m only human’)

The beauty queen also explained that she asked permission to an MMDA officer.

“He said no because I didn’t have a pass. But I argued that other vehicles—taxi cabs, buses and motorcycles—had already entered the lane.”

She added: “[Then] the MMDA officer left in the middle of our conversation because of the taxis and buses behind me. This prompted me to remove the cones.”

“By the time I did it, the MMDA had allowed other vehicles to pass through the Asean lane,” she said, adding that she was speaking out “to make the story complete.”