ErwAnne’s fascinating love journey to the altar

ErwAnne’s fascinating love journey to the altar-Gerry  Plaza
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11/12/2017 03:13 PM
ErwAnne’s fascinating love journey to the altar


It was one spectacular climax to one remarkable love journey.

And now that Erwan Heussaff and Anne Curtis are husband and wife after a magnificent garden wedding in Queenstown, New Zealand, Mr. and Mrs. Heussaff are turning a new leaf in this adventure.

Who would think nine years ago that Anne would be this radiant and happy, walking down the aisle and joyfully exchanging vows with the man of her dreams? By 2008, it was still a dream after that unspeakable heartbreak.


While she was triumphant with her milestone MMFF Best Actress win for “Baler,” Anne broke up with her “greatest” love then, Sam Milby.  Or, should we say as what she actually admitted, Sam’s decision to end their relationship. Devastated, Anne decided to “strictly” live the single life. Part of this “moving on” process was going on a grand tour of Europe in 2009, with besties Isabelle Daza, Liz Uy, Bea Soriano, and Raymond Gutierrez, stopping over in such cities as Madrid, Salamanca, Marbella, and Majorca in Spain; Venice, Florence and Milan in Italy; Paris, France; and Prague, Czech Republic.

But when they reached Barcelona, where they were to attend the Barcelona Music Festival in May 2009, Anne’s life changed forever. That stop actually started something new in Anne’s life—getting to know better the brother of another close friend Solenn Heussaff, Erwan, who happened to frequent musicfests around the world.


With Isabelle’s prodding, the two got even closer—with their eyes quite trained on one another the whole time. Isabelle, who called herself Anne and Erwan’s “matchmaker,” even recalled in an Instagram post that she knew they were “meant for each other” after both “tried to make each other jealous by picking up random strangers.” 

Since then, they dated, but with Anne still keeping safe distance, strictly adhering to her being single for the time being.

Anne and Sam even had a reunion flick called Babe, I Love You in 2010, when shippers still hoped they would see the light and reunite. But by then, Sam was already wooing YouTube sensation Marie Digby and had already closed the door on any possible reconciliation.

It was then that Anne revealed in an exclusive interview with Showbiz News Ngayon in May 2010 that she was seeing “someone else.”

Exclusively dating

Anne and Erwan had since been exclusively dating, with both seemingly taking their relationship to the next level.

And, on the press conference of the teleserye Green Rose at ABS-CBN in February 2011, Anne publicly announced that Erwan is her boyfriend, catching everyone by surprise.  But all were delighted to see Anne refreshingly blissful and in love.

Anne had then enjoyed the peak of her career with incredible success on TV, movies, and the concert stage, apart from being a widely followed digital influencer. She had been obviously inspired by not only a supportive family, captivated fans, but also by her loving beau, who she now sees spending the rest of her life with.


Both had become each other’s “rock” in their respective endeavors—Anne with her phenomenal career as a showbiz personality, endorser and digital influencer and Erwan in his food entrepreneurship as a restaurateur and chef, and also his emerging status as a celebrity himself.

They also would fight for their love, and take advantage of even the slightest free time just to show their love for another. Especially in their shared obsession of travelling, wherein snaps of their #CoupleGoals inspiration anywhere in the world are always seen on their respective social media accounts.

And, in one of those trips, particularly in that sidetrip to the Connecticut while Anne participated in the New York Marathon late last year, did those wondrous moments they spend together in the last seven years of romance reached the pinnacle.


Strolling in the woods, Erwan suddenly knelt down and popped the question, “Will you marry me?” It was what Anne described as the “most memorable trip of my life.”

Their engagement brought their friends, colleagues and fans into a frenzy, as they were feted left and right in their circles.

Although they kept mum about the actual wedding date and where it is going to be held, pre-nup shoots in Korea and the couple’s trip to New Zealand filled our news feeds as of late. Add to that, the seeming exodus of family members, BFFs, and most of their close friends from the industry to that chilly southern island in the Pacific.

We are sure something big in the lives of Anne and Erwan was about to happen.

And, in the morning of November 12, Sunday, it became all they ever wanted, with the wedding vow: “No you without me, no me without you.”

Star-crossed lovers, ready for a life forever.


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