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Sam YG and Grace Lee team up for ‘One Night Food Trip’

Sam YG and Grace Lee about their foodie adventures in Cebu and Davao.

Sam YG and Grace Lee team up for ‘One Night Food Trip’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


10/08/2017 10:57 AM
Sam YG and Grace Lee team up for ‘One Night Food Trip’


After being paired up in the TVN Asia cable channel series One Night Food Trip, Sam YG and Grace Lee both admitted it wasn’t hard to work together because of their history. “Me and Grace actually hosted a noontime show together before. I knew the chemistry would be there. It wouldn’t be a problem. It’s always exciting to try something new. What excited me more was we were going to be doing something we’ve never done before, travel and try the different types of food in the Philippines. It was a really different experience shooting. I’ve been to Cebu and Davao a few times but I want to explore more of the food spots definitely in those places. We got to try things that I’ve never tried before food-wise,” Sam YG sharef during the One Night Food Trip presscon held at the City of Dreams in Pasay city.

Grace said that she still has a lot of Pinoy food to try in the provinces after taping the show. “Lagi ko naman sinasabi pag nag-ta-travel ako around the world, you have to come to the Philippines because it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world pero pagdating kasi sa pagkain hindi ko masyado kilala. So this was an opportunity to not just showcase the beauty of tour islands but to also showcase the unique flavors of the Philippines. A lot of the people who will watch this show will be surprised at how diverse and how interesting our food can be. Lalo na nung nasa Davao kami, talagang ang dami naming nakain na tuna, durian, na palagi nilang na-a-associate sa ibang mga kapitbahay natin sa Southeast Asia. So this was a overall a very educational not just for us but hopefully for everyone who’s going to watch the show on TVN Asia,” she explained.

In this season, Sam and Grace will be competing against Sandara Park and her brother Thunder who are completed food challenges. For their team, Sam admitted Grace is the stronger eater. “She’s a beast. Literally she can eat twice as much as I can and I’m not even kidding. You’ll probably see it when the show comes out. But I was really surprised how much Grace Lee can consume. Hindi naman halata but grabe (laughs),” he shared.

During the durian challenge, Sam and Grace had different reactions. “I love durian. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and maybe a little bit more for midnight snack right before I sleep. My biggest challenge was not such much of the eating or the traveling but because Sam is so funny, the whole time you’re eating tapos kung magpapatawa siya minsan yung punong puno yung bibig mo dahil ang dami mong pagkain. And you don’t want to be unladylike in front of the camera so yun yung pinakamahirap para sa akin na I had to control and I had to keep him in check also,” she said.

Sam admitted eating durian was the hardest part of the show. “When you have to eat two whole durians, everything changes. You start dreaming about durian, you start burping durian, you start sweating durian. It’s bad enough that I’m from India, imagine mo I’m Indian tapos amoy durian pa? (laughs) Wag naman. That for me was pretty intense. I don’t know how Grace managed to eat all that durian. She was downing one durian after another and I was just at the third I was slowing down. She was gunning it like durian was going out of style. Parang wala ng durian bukas. That was the toughest challenge for me the smell of durian is just too alarming,” he added.

One Night Food Trip International Edition will premiere on TVN Asia on October 10, Tuesday with the Philippine segment with Sandara Park and Thunder airing on December 5, Tuesday.