Julia Barretto to Joshua Garcia: 'You saw the good in me'

Joan Leary


10/07/2017 11:06 PM
Julia Barretto to Joshua Garcia: 'You saw the good in me'

Before Joshua Garcia’s birthday ends, Julia Barretto surprised the online world with her special birthday greeting for him. The actress made a short clip of their bonding moments and wrote a long message which says how much she appreciates him for standing up for her despite the negative issues.

“In the midst of all the judgments, the unkind words thrown at me, in the midst of all the hate and those who doubted me and my heart. There was you. You believed in me. You understood me. You embraced my soul. You saw the good in me and continue to bring out the best in me. You bravely and proudly call me your lucky charm despite the others who think otherwise. You protected me, cared for me and loved me for all that I am. You make me a better person baba, and I am so glad to have found my way to you. You are the real lucky charm. Today (and everyday), you deserve to be celebrated because there is absolutely no one like you. Thank you for being you. Happy birthday,” she said in her clip's caption.