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Ali Khatibi says he and Cristine Reyes are planning to have another baby soon

Ali Khatibi talks about getting acting tips from his supportive wife Cristine Reyes.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


10/07/2017 10:23 AM
Ali Khatibi says he and Cristine Reyes are planning to have another baby soon


After making his TV acting debut through his first primetime series La Luna Sangre where he plays one of the vampires under the rule of Richard Gutierrez in the soap, athlete-turned-actor Ali Khatibi said he has always been drawn to acting. “I’ve always said in other interviews that if there’s something I had to do, I’d like to do something na medyo action and La Luna Sangre is that because grabe yung mga fight scenes dito. I don’t train (for the show) anymore kasi I’ve been doing it for years so the background is there. That’s why it’s something that I like kasi na-highlight din yung craft ko and super fun. It’s a fun cast, everyone there. It’s a happy set. Honestly I’m enjoying it. Na-e-enjoy ko yung the whole industry na the craft of acting and showbiz and it’s fun. I’m learning and so fair na-e-enjoy ko siya,” he told PUSH during the Ariel Men launch event held last September 28 in Quezon city.

As one of the newly launched celebrity dads that were launched as part of the Ariel Men campaign, Ali admitted he also has a domesticated side. “I do my laundry especially when it comes to my uniform, my kimonos. The fabrics of it are kind of gentle so hindi ko pinapalaba. I do it myself. When they approached me to be part of the Ariel campaign siyempre nakaka-flatter at nakakatuwa. Tuwang tuwa rin si Cristine (Reyes). Natawa siya. Siyempre what they’re pushing is yung dads naman yung ma-highlight ngayon. Nakakatuwa so I want to challenge rin my friends na mga tigasin sa bahay, I want to challenge them to also do laundry on Fridays,” he shared.

Even though his obligations to the soap have kept him from competing abroad in mixed martial arts this year, Ali said he has no regrets and even looks forward to doing more acting projects with ABS-CBN in the future. “I’d be open to do anything else kasi when you’re learning the craft you should be versatile. There’s another project na binibigay sa akin that’s also by ABS-CBN but it’s not so sure yet. Medyo drama siya so kailangan ko ng tulong kay Cristine kung paano (laughs). She gives me tips when she watches my episodes. She tells me kung okay or pag kulang or kung dapat ganito. She guides me and sobrang na-a-appreciate ko rin yun,” he revealed.

Ali said he enjoys spending time with his daughter Amarah and his wife Cristine. “I think I’m more of a cool dad lang siguro. Laidback (laughs). Now Amarah is a toddler so sobrang likot niya. They grow up so fast that’s why I say enjoy every moment that you can with them. They really grow up so fast and the past few days she got sick so medyo na-stress kami ni Aa (Cristine’s nickname) kasi she had high fever. But you know that’s part of growing up. It’s part of being a kid,” he said. Having a happy family life has also led Ali to admit that he and his wife are already planning to have baby number two. “You know I get that question a lot. But Cristine wants to have a baby already. She wants to have a baby boy. Early next year siguro. So we’re planning soon rin. Very soon,” he added.

When not in front of the camera, Ali shared that people might be surprised to find out just how loving and supportive his wife of almost two years can be. “Honestly si Cristine she’s very hands-on, sobra siyang maasikaso. Not just kay Amarah kundi sa aming dalawa. When it comes to us grabe siya. Tutok siya sa aming dalawa,” he said.