Edward Barber on KissMarc breakup: ‘To see them not together, I’m sad’

Edward Barber reacts to KissMarc love team breakup.

Kristhoff Cagape


10/28/2017 08:52 AM
Edward Barber on KissMarc breakup: ‘To see them not together, I’m sad’


Edward Barber admitted that he felt sad when Marco Gallo and Kisses Delavin’s love team KissMarc was dissolved. In an interview with PUSH, the teen actor remarked, “I was with them inside the house. We do it together, we went to the challenges together and it’s sad. It’s kind of sad because it come to an end now, you know. We shouldn't be too sad because when one door closes another door opens. But you know to see them not together, I’m sad.”

He added, “But you know we’re still okay, all of us but things will get better in the future so I’m not going to be too sad because new doors will open for them.”

What is his advice for his two friends at this point in time? “Just keep on smiling. I mean Marco and I during all of this, when things were... there was a lot of bashing, Marco and I, the way we stayed happy, as Marco and I as guys, I have Xbox at home so we just play Xbox, we go to the gym together, so you know just stick to your friends, the two of them. And just keep on laughing,” he replied.

Meanwhile Edward, together with Marco, Kisses, and Maymay Entrata are starring in an ABS-CBNmobile Exclusives show titled Squad Goals.

“It’s one of the coolest things for me because unlike a movie for example or teleserye, when we were shooting or taping, there’s a lot more freedom when shooting the Squad Goals and I had so much fun because you know it wasn’t serious, we just goof around and have fun so we had to do something that really made me really happy and to present it to other people, to you guys, is a great feeling,” he stated.