Alden Richards on Halloween: Guys, This Is What You Should Really Be Scared Of!



10/26/2017 09:46 PM
Alden Richards on Halloween: Guys, This Is What You Should Really Be Scared Of!


Have you experienced that eerie sensation when the air suddenly grows cold and you know FOR CERTAIN that something’s not right? Or your phone rings in the middle of the night and upon answering it, there’s nothing but faint, strange noises? Or that feeling when someone—or something—is following you, but when you turn around there’s nothing there?

We all have scary stories to tell. And you’ve probably seen or heard truly terrifying tales throughout the years. But what Alden Richards and other guys in the video went through—and are still going through—is something else. It’s more than tindig-balahibo. It’s a different kind of “scary.” See it for yourself below.

Warning: don’t watch this alone.

Katakot, ‘di ba? Alden and the other guys’ experience during Araw ng Mga Patay na Patay is no laughing matter. Now, they’re constantly looking over their shoulder, wary of the ladies who might be tailing them. Relate ka ba? If you take care of your face the way that Alden does, then you probably know how it feels. There’s a downside to everything, you know—even to being gwapo.

On top of all the things that can give us a serious scare—white ladies, headless spirits, and other supernatural beings—gwapo guys will have another “spook” to hide and run away from: girls that won’t stop chasing after them!

So if you’re gwapo, all we can say is, “ingat na lang, bro.”

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