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Laura Lehmann defends Miss World pageant’s integrity: ‘We should all be positive’

Laura Lehmann is all set to leave the country to compete in China on November 18.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


10/22/2017 09:16 AM
Laura Lehmann defends Miss World pageant’s integrity: ‘We should all be positive’


As she leaves the country to head to China for the Miss World pageant to be held at the Sanya City Arena on November 18, Miss World Philippines winner Laura Lehmann admitted she was deeply touched by all the sentiments shared at the send-off presscon held last October 18. “I’ll just say what’s in my heart right now. I feel so lucky not just to be a Miss World candidate but to be a Miss World Philippines candidate and to be Filipino because who else in the world will get this kind of send-off and this kind of support? Because Filipinos love pageants and I feel like I have a big family and I have so much support. I want you to know that as soon as I land in China, the way I look at it is I’m not Laura I’m Philippines and that’s why I have this sash across my body. I know I am representing a country that I love so much. I was born here. I was raised here and this is my home. And because of that I will really do my best to represent it in the best way that I can because I want the world to see how great we are. I want them to see how wonderful the Philippines is and how much spirit we have in our country,” she said.

During the same presscon, Laura got emotional and could not help but share her thoughts on some issues surrounding the pageant. “I’m just so happy to be going to the Miss World pageant in particular because it has a purpose. There’s so many great things about Miss World so I just want to use this time to let you know that because of what has happened in the past there are a lot of pageant fans who may be a little bit upset at Miss World. But I just want you to know that Miss World has integrity. They will choose a winner who is deserving whoever that girl is. They are going to choose a girl that is sincere, who is right for the position and who is there to give back to people. So I think it is not our place to think that this pageant has any negative issues. I just want everyone to be positive and to remember that this pageant has integrity. I’m going to do my best that we should all be positive about it and all be helpful,” she explained.

The 24-year-old beauty queen said she feels confident going into Miss World because of the support she feels from everybody in the country. “I think our advantage is we have so many people supporting us. In some of the other countries, pageantry isn’t as big for them so the girl might feel like she’s on her own. But here we have a send-off, we have a presscon, everyone’s watching. And of course that helps. It’s just nice having people supporting me and always encouraging me and I see their comments. People don’t think that I read them but I really, really read everything,” she admitted.

Her biggest preparations leading up to her departure was how to do her own makeup and hair. “I think my biggest challenge is actually the styling and getting ready and putting on makeup and hair because usually when you’re in the Philippines and you have your makeup artist and your hairstylist it’s very easy dahil kumpleto. But I’ll be alone there. I’ll be on my own so siyempre nakakatakot. I’m also not that girly so I had to get used to it. I’m still learning until today how to do makeup. I have hair training. I’m having a hard time that’s the thing that I’m worrying about,” she shared.