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Donita Rose pays it forward with the movie ‘Seven Sundays’

Donita Rose shares how it feels to return to the big screen after 14 years.

Donita Rose pays it forward with the movie ‘Seven Sundays’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


10/20/2017 10:07 AM
Donita Rose pays it forward with the movie ‘Seven Sundays’


After a long hiatus from the movie industry, Donita Rose said she is thankful to be part of the family drama Seven Sundays which recently surpassed the P100 million mark at the box office. In the film, she plays the wife of Aga Muhlach who is also making his big screen comeback this year. “It’s my first movie in 14 years so very special ito sa akin. Ang hashtag namin dito sa pelikula is #HugYourFamilyWeekend. Dun nila ma-ri-realize that lahat naman ng pamilya may problema. One of my favorite scenes in the movie was the beach scene where we played games together. Dun mo makikita na lahat kinalimutan na yung past and everyone realizes at that moment na family is more important than anything else,” she told PUSH. 

Donita said the film also teaches a lot of valuable lessons for everyone in the family. “It’s really about letting everybody know that time is short, na dapat hindi na natin kinikimkim yung mga issues of the past. We should look forward and embrace one another because in life you can choose your career, you can choose your location of residence, you can choose your friends but you cannot choose your family and God has put us in our spheres of influence for a reason. So if God has put us there it’s because He wants to sharpen us and teach us many different characteristics like forgiveness, patience, and just love. I think the theme of this movie is love covers a multitude of sins,” she shared.

Last October 12, the Seven Sundays actress held a special block screening of the film at Resorts World Manila for the benefit of the Right Start Foundation which aims to help empower and educate children. “Right Start has been around for almost seven years already and I’ve been there since the very start. Acel Bisa-Van Ommen who is the former lead singer of Moonstar 88 was one of the founders of this foundation and I saw it from the very, very humble beginnings–just basically everyone was volunteering–to finally finding a place and really reaching out to the community to keep these children away from drugs. So some of these children nawalan ng nanay or tatay or both because of drugs. So they are developing the character of these children by showing them the bible and how to have life skills and also to hone different talents like singing, dancing, cooking and so on and so forth. As a matter of fact, some of these kids makikita mo before mga bata pa lang sila, ngayon sila na yung mga vounteers na nagtuturo sa ibang bata,” she explained.

The talented actress-host has also been raising funds for charity through Resort World’s “Love Dish” project because Right Start will have to transfer location soon. “The location of the foundation is behind Camp Crame and they’re actually going to be kicked out because the building is being sold so I’m helping raise funds and awareness of the foundation so maybe we can get better support and so that they can stay in the community. Sayang yung seven years of investing their time and effort if they are not able to find a location in the same area. Since biglaan akong nagkaroon ng movie, I just though I’d try and find a way to raise a better awareness and to raise funds for them then why not di ba?” she said.