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EXCLUSIVE: Nico Bolzico reveals why he calls Solenn Heussaff ‘Wifezilla’

Nico Bolzico admits he and wife Solenn Heussaff are planning to start a family in 2018.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


10/18/2017 09:33 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Nico Bolzico reveals why he calls Solenn Heussaff ‘Wifezilla’


More popularly known in showbiz as the better half of Solenn Heussaff, Nico Bolzico said he has always been one to take good care of himself. “I think that the word metrosexual is old school already. Everyone should take care of their skin and their hair. It’s just about taking care of your body. It’s basically who you are. You can call me metrosexual but I think that’s an old school concept. i think taking care of your face or your hair is what it should be. We should all take care of it. I am a hair guy. Anti-dandruff for me is the most important,” he shared during the Head and Shoulders Supreme launch in Makati city.

The now Philippine-based Argentinian businessman is also known for his viral videos poking fun and pranking his good-natured and patient wife. “Pranking and playing football are probably my two favorite things. I’ve been pranking since I was a kid. I even pranked my grandmother, my mother, my brother, my friends. If I have a chance, I will prank someone as I can. It’s just that now because it’s Solenn and because I am recording it, it’s becoming more and more viral. But I love to do it (laughs),” he explained.

Referring to Solenn as “Wifezilla” on social media is both a form of affection and an apt description according to Nico. “I don’t even remember how it started but it’s always about keeping marriage fun. We make fun of each other so I always tell her, ‘You’re so intense when it comes to keeping the house tidy or when it comes to different aspects of the cleanliness of the house.’ So I started calling her Wifezilla and I think all husbands can identify when the wife is the boss and the wife is more on talk so it kind of started like that and it became pretty big (laughs),” he said.

Off camera, Nico said he and Solenn are just like any normal average couple. “We’re pretty real. What you see on camera is real. I guess you might be surprised to find out that we’re way more chill than what it seems. We’re way more relaxed. On a weekend people think that we’re doing crazy stuff all the time but we’d rather stay home, put on Netflix and enjoy the day in the house. So our life is pretty basic and pretty boring and we take opportunity of enjoying each other’s company when we both have time off work,” he revealed.

Another popular fixture on Nico’s Instagram stories is his pet turtle Patato which he and Solenn are very fond of. “He’s my baby. It’s our son, our son practice (laughs),” he said. When asked when they plan to have real babies, Nico admitted the wait won’t be too long. “There are plans (for a baby) but nothing immediate. We’re going to start looking at next year. Basically we’re not rushing. Solenn is enjoying her career so much and she loves what she does. She’s very young and we only got married a year and a half ago. We can wait. We can enjoy more of our marriage. We have Patato. We may get a dog soon because we’re moving to a house. And it will come but we’re not rushing it,” he added.