Aga Muhlach on son Luigi: “He was never an accident”

He also narrated the struggles of being a young dad at 17.

Aga Muhlach on son Luigi: “He was never an accident”-Gary Ann  Lastrilla
Gary Ann Lastrilla

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10/18/2017 07:15 PM
Aga Muhlach on son Luigi: “He was never an accident”


Seasoned actor Aga Muhlach expressed how happy he is for his son Luigi. The 30-year-old chef is Aga’s son to actress Janice de Belen. 

Recalling the time he became a father at only 17 years old, Aga said on the Wednesday episode of Magandang Buhay, “That was hard. I was 17 years old… Si Luigi was not and never an accident. Janice and I, at that time, planned it really. We were still young, we thought we were right. Parang akala namin kaya namin but mali lang ‘yung edad namin, ano? But he was never an accident.” 

He then proceeded to share how happy he is for his son who now has a family of his own. 

“Talagang dinadasal ko parati ito noon pa… He grew up sa not perfect environment. But, what he has now is perfect. He’s got his wife with him, he’s got his three children with him. He’s not making a lot of money, he’s struggling but he’s there. He’s intact. His kids are protected. His kids go to school. They eat. They’re able to pay rent. They’re able to pay electricity.”

Tawid tawid lang sila and I always tell him, just hang in there because God will continue to bless you; breakthroughs will pour in, it will not stop as long as God sees your heart that you really want what’s good for your children and for your wife,” the ‘Seven Sundays’ actor said. 

Saying that he is proud of how Luigi is as a father and as a husband, Aga told him, “No one can ever put you down as long as you protect your family, the world cannot damage you.”