James Reid to work with Sarah Geronimo in a movie

Gary Ann Lastrilla

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10/16/2017 07:41 PM
James Reid to work with Sarah Geronimo in a movie


James Reid confirmed that he will be working with Sarah Geronimo in a movie project during an episode of ASAP Chillout.



“Sarah is definitely one of the greatest performers I ever had the chance to work with. And I’m excited that soon, we’re going to have a movie together. It’s called ‘Granny,’” he said.

“Isn’t it the Korean movie?” host Darren Espanto asked, referring to the South Korean movie ‘Miss Granny.

“Yes,” James answered.

As they are almost starting with the movie’s shooting, an excited James shared a little bit of its storyline. “Have you see the Zac Efron movie ’17 Again’? It’s like that,” he said, only that it is Sarah’s character who will get younger.

However, his love team partner and girlfriend Nadine Lustre will not be joining them in this movie that he said is slated to come out later this year. He said, “Not in this movie but she will also have her own solo movie.”

Nadine is reportedly working in her solo film ‘The Nurse.’