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Enrique Gil clarifies ‘parang mag-asawa’ statement on Liza Soberano

The actor admitted that he was controlling his emotions during his recent interview.


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10/16/2017 3:15 PM
Enrique Gil clarifies ‘parang mag-asawa’ statement on Liza Soberano


In a true essence of a gentleman Enrique Gil squarely clarified his recent statement about his rumored girlfriend Liza Soberano that somehow turned controversial.

Enrique was recently put on the spot regarding the status of his relationship with Liza. According to him, they are honoring Liza grandfather’s request for her to stay single until she was 21.

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But somewhere along the interview Enrique described what he and Liza had as something that has leveled up or “parang mag-asawa.” However, his statement was somehow taken differently.

“Actually hindi ko gusto kung paano niya ako tanungin. Parang he was putting Liza and I in a bad spot. Na parang hindi maganda ang ginagawa namin or what we had na mali rin naman ang pagkakasabi ko,” he opened up during his solo bloggers conference for his latest movie Seven Sundays.

The actor playing Dex in the film even admitted, “Kino-control ko lang ang emotion ko nun pero hindi ko na rin alam ang nasabi ko.”

In order to put his statement to perspective, Enrique explained that what he actually meant was that he considers what he has with Liza as something serious compared to other guys his age.

“I’m not judging any other guys because there are some people I know, mga barkada ko na akala nila yun na pero hindi pa pala sila seryoso. Nafefeel lang nila yun pero sa mind nila hindi pa sila ganon ka-ready,” he started.

Enrique added, “Gusto ko lang malaman ng tao na I’m not into here na tweetums-tweetums na para sa akin mas long term.”

He stressed that as a matured and grown man, he already has a clear picture of what he wants in his life.

“Yun lang ang gusto kong sabihin na hindi masama ang ginagawa namin. Mabubuting tao naman kami,” he said.

Much to their fans kilig, Enrique ended, “We’re matured and we’re not tweetums-tweetums and we’re looking at this as something long-term. I’m not playing around parang ganon.”

Recall that Enrique revealed in a past interview that he and Liza treat each other as “boyfriend and girlfriend.”