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EXCLUSIVE: Paolo Gumabao has no problems being compared to his brother Marco

Paolo Gumabao shares what the situation is with his half-siblings at the moment.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


10/14/2017 10:07 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Paolo Gumabao has no problems being compared to his brother Marco


After just two years in showbiz, Paolo Gumabao said he is enjoying every opportunity given to him. In the Regal Films horror flick The Debutantes, he plays the role of Chanel Morales’s boyfriend Albert. “It’s very different from my other roles kasi my last horror movie was Haunted Mansion. I played Steve a bully, he doesn’t care about other people. But here I’m a good boy. Sobrang enjoy ako kasi siyempre nung sinabi sa akin ng handler ko na puro babae katrabaho sabi ko, ‘Okay sige!’ (laughs) Solid sila katrabaho. Hindi ako na-out of place. Pero yung pinakamahirap siguro sa akin na part gawin sa movie is yung 18th party ni Jane, pilay kasi ako noon injured ako. Tapos kailangan ko sumayaw tapos pilay ako. Siguro yung pinakamahirap sa akin,” he shared.

In The Debutantes, the lead character Jane (played by Sue Ramirez) gets bullied by a group of mean girls. Paolo admitted he can relate to the character with his own childhood. “Nung elementary ako I studied in Taiwan. I was always bullied because I was Filipino. So elementary at saka high school there are times na magtatanong yung teacher, ‘Ano pangarap mo?’ Sasabihin ko, ‘Gusto ko maging artista’ and they would all laugh. The lesson there is no matter how many people tell you that you can’t do it, you can always do it as long as you’re driven,” he shared.

With his half-brother Marco having entered showbiz earlier than him, Paolo said he is not offended if they are compared to each other. “I have no problem with it. I don’t feel anything kasi siyempre I’m using Gumabao. It’s normal naman you know dad ko artista and kapatid ko. I have no problem with it, it’s normal naman eh. I’m good with them naman. We were together a few days ago. Nandun ako sa kanila. Chill lang. Okay kami. When I first met them three years ago siyempre at first nakakailang. Pero naging okay siya ng mabilis. Wala kaming naging problema from the start. Parang we were building towards something. Tapos ngayon okay na kami. Hindi pa ako artista nun. I told them I was entering showbiz sabi nila nasa dugo daw talaga hindi namin mapipigilan eh (laughs),” he recalled.

Paolo said he and his brother have similarities when it comes to certain things. “Kami ni Marco we’re similar na mahilig kami sa video games. Pero differences namin siguro si Marco kasi he’s passionate about acting. Pero I’m passionate about it in a different way. You know I want to go to Hollywood. I don’t want to just stay here. I want to go all the way up there. I have a lot of idols. There’s Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Al Pacino, yung legends. That’s where I get my stuff. Nung nag-start ako mag-artista I stopped pero now kasi gusto ko rin mag-director. I went back to school para matapos ko yung high school and makapag-film ako. Pero inuuna ko pa rin ito,” he explained.

The Debutantes actor says he has also kept in touch with his dad Dennis Roldan. “We visit him every once in a while. He’s good. It happens. Things like that happen pero all we have to do is just trust in God and then trust that everything will be okay. Okay lang,” he said.