Donita Rose on her estranged husband: ‘Pinatawad ko na yung hayop na yan’

Donita Rose recounts why her marriage failed

Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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10/13/2017 10:20 AM
Donita Rose on her estranged husband: ‘Pinatawad ko na yung hayop na yan’


On Tonight with Boy Abunda, Seven Sundays star Donita Rose said she always starts with a joke when asked about her marriage and the joke is “pinatawad ko na yung hayup na yan.” She added, “It’s just a joke because it’s such a heavy question. I really had to go through a long process of forgiving, hating him again and forgiving and now I’m at the stage in my life … kaya nga ako pumayag sa interview na ‘to because okay na.” 

Donita explained that, “It goes back to trust issues with men.” “The story is that my dad was in the military but he gained weight and didn't want to go back and became very lax and my mother was the bread winner…”

Donita clarified that her dad is a good man and that “bisyo lang talaga niya ang pagkain.” “He kind of took a back seat and my mom worked so hard… but I also resented my mother. But the deepest part of it was because my father was not a provider of the home, somehow I made a vow in my heart that I would provide for me.”

She continued, “Nung nag-asawa ako. It was very evident in our relationship na hindi ko siya pinagkakatiwalaan in terms of providing for me. And my husband at that time felt that he wasn't the man of the home.”

Asked how she knew that she’d forgiven him, Donita said, “When he asked to have his son, I wrote him that letter and I said please forgive me for all the shortcomings of the past. I mentioned them specifically and I said and I also forgive you for this and this and this…”

On Fast Talk, asked between sex and chocolates, Donita said, “both!”