Daniel Matsunaga admits he is currently seeing someone

Daniel Matsunaga admits he is currently seeing someone-Joan Leary
Joan Leary


10/11/2017 01:11 PM
Daniel Matsunaga admits he is currently seeing someone
Photo credits to @dandanmatsunaga IG


Eight months after breaking up with Erich Gonzales, Daniel Matsunaga admitted that he is happy and is seeing someone new.

“I’m eight months single, pero happy naman. I’m very happy, focused… I’m kinda dating someone, but let’s see, and I’m just praying. Hindi siya Pilipina. Let’s see… for me, it takes time,” he told PEP

“It takes time to find somebody special and you want to have not just a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, di ba?” he added.

Daniel, who is now 28, said that he wants to have kids soon. And although he is not following a timeline, the perfect age for him would be 32.

He also mentioned that she has nothing against his ex-girlfriend despite the controversies that came up when they broke up.

“This is showbiz and you just have to get used to it. For me, it doesn’t affect me anymore. It doesn’t affect me at all. Hindi ako nagsalita noong may controversy kami ni Erich. Ayoko talagang magsalita,” he said.

“People know me and I have nothing against her naman, and if I had, okay, but I’m a guy. For me, to be in my position right now, I have nothing to say.”