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Alvin Patrimonio’s daughter wins Bodyshots 2016 model search

After ruling the tennis court as a varsity player, Alvin Patrimonio’s daughter Clarice wants to conquer the modeling scene.


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1/6/2017 9:08 AM
Alvin Patrimonio’s daughter wins Bodyshots 2016 model search

010617-ClaricePatrimonio_PUSH.jpgKahit teenager pa lang, pangarap na talaga noon ni Clarice Patrimonio, daughter of PBA icon Alvin Patrimonio, ang pasukin ang modeling world.

Kaya lang, kinalakihan niya ang paglalaro ng tennis at dito muna siya nag-concentrate. Since she joined the sport, she has won 10 championships. She competes actively both locally and internationally.

Currently a varsity player at National University (NU) (she’s studying Hotel and Restaurant Management) and a UAAP champion for the past three consecutive years.

“I joined Bodyshots 2016 because this is a premier competition and it has become a good jumping platform for most successful models and showbiz people. And I believe this will open more doors for me and better opportunities as an aspiring individual in the industry,” simulang pahayag sa Push.com.ph ni Clarice.

Patuloy ng dalaga, “I think I was 16 or 17 when I wanted to try modeling, but that time I needed to prioritize my engagements being a national athlete. Now that I’m a grown-up and have proven myself as an athlete, I realize that this is the right time for me to work on my other aspirations in life,” said the 22-year old champ.

Bilang Bodyshots 2016 grand winner, masaya si Clarice sa kanyang bagong accomplishment.

“Definitely, I want to further improve myself so that I can fully embody whatever opportunities await me. I want to be a good ambassador of different brands and perhaps an opportunity to join showbiz,” sambit pa ng 5’9” mannequin newbie.

How is being a multi-awarded athlete different from modeling?

“As an athlete, I have to conduct a lot of physical training at the gym or in the court, and it requires a lot of rigorous workout, at least two to three hours practice in the morning and in the afternoon. I need that physical strength and endurance,” paliwanag niya.

“On the other hand, modeling is more on the aesthetic or the visual side. It’s really a girly world and you really have to look the best always,” dagdag pa niya.

Sa tingin niya, paano ba siya magiging successful model?

“To be successful in modeling I think you must continue to develop both your physical and mental abilities, and not be limited on the physical attributes only. One should have the intelligence and the wisdom, especially concerning social issues.

“You must appreciate people around you, like your mentors, your sponsors, your followers. And if there are people thinking otherwise against you, do not mind them and just enjoy the experience,” ang tila pang-beauty queen niyang sagot sa aming tanong.