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Karylle says mom Zsa Zsa Padilla has no plans to remarry just yet

Karylle admits mom Zsa Zsa Padilla is ‘super duper blooming’ right now.


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1/5/2017 10:28 AM
Karylle says mom Zsa Zsa Padilla has no plans to remarry just yet

010517-Karylle_PUSH.jpgWith the upcoming television premiere of her new Singaporean soap Private Investigator (PI), Karylle admitted she was thankful to be able to spend the holidays with her mom Zsa Zsa Padilla. "Nung Christmas hindi (kami magkasama) kasi ang hirap pala when you’re married, you really have to divide families. Talagang naka-schedule siya. Pero magkasama kami siguro a couple of days before Christmas and then New Year’s eve,” she shared.

With her mom rumored to have reconciled with former fiance Conrad Onglao, many wonder if he also spent the holidays with them and if there are talks to resume wedding plans. Karylle said she would prefer any announcements to not come from her. "I’m not at liberty to say pero you can always check the Insta stories but if you didn’t check it within 24 hours sorry (laughs). Hindi ko alam (kung may wedding plans). Wala naman yata. Wala pa naman. My mom is on vacation now so it’s one of her dreams talaga to visit the Holy land so she’s praying everyday,” she said.

Karylle said she is just happy for her family members right now. "Si mama very millennial. I’m trying not to say so much because siguro my mom wants to be the one to speak for herself but siguro what I can say is I love my family, each and every member. Parang yung pinapanuod ko ngayon Modern Family. It’s a modern family but it’s growing and it’s a wonderful family. From my mom’s photos alone you can already tell that she’s super duper blooming. Zia is doing super well. If you check out Wish FM, yung mga performances niya sobrang daming views parang pa-one million na yata. Coco (her sister) is doing really well at work. Once in a while she deejays rin. She’s also very musical and of course she is in IMDB. She’s the only member of our family who is on IMDB for her movie appearance when she was a baby,” she said.

The It’s Showtime host also said she and husband Yael Yuzon welcomed the new year with positivity including possible plans for a baby. "New Year was good. Christmas as well. We spent Christmas at home and then we went to Singapore. I did a pictorial there. And then for New Year Yael did the countdown so I just waited for him at home. We didn’t really wait until the sunrise this year. Baka next year na lang ulit. Kasi he was sick.

“I think hindi naman puwede i-plan yung baby pero we’re definitely ready. Siguro if there was one project that was parang that we had to finish first, it was my project in Singapore. So that’s finished naman. We’re always ready. We’re always very positive naman. It’s just that I think we want to always make more music,” she explained.

With her newest project set to be shown in Singapore, Karylle said it does not mean she is not interested in doing local series. "Siguro the right project hasn’t come along here pero meron ding mga offers so maybe very soon meron din. Pinag-uusapan. Meron din naman din offers pero pinag-uusapan pa. Wala pang concrete plans. Hindi ko pa ma-share,” she admitted.