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Karylle shows her sexy side in the new Singaporean series ‘Private Investigator’

Karylle is the only Pinoy member of the cast in the new crime thriller.


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1/4/2017 10:15 AM
Karylle shows her sexy side in the new Singaporean series ‘Private Investigator’

010417-Karylle_PUSH.jpgAfter being part of Singaporean TV series like Kitchen Musical in 2011 and Point of Entry in 2012, Karylle stars in her third project with the new crime thriller series Private Investigator (PI) as the only Pinoy member of the cast. "Private Investigator is about a bunch of liars. So yun yung pinaka-tagline nila. Mga scam artists kami pretending to be private investigators. So it’s very cute. Yung role ko is a Filipina pole dancer. If you’ve been to Singapore alam niyo yung Orchard Tower. It’s a place where they have great Thai food actually but it’s also the place where may mga banda banda, may mga dancer, may mga massage, ma-aksyon. A very exciting part of town (laughs). But there it’s very legal but exciting part of town. Dun kami talaga nag-shoot. Dito isa rin akong mommy, yun yung reason ng charcater ko for trying to bring home the bacon any way that she can,” she shared with the press last January 3 in Quezon City.

Karylle admitted she enjoyed shooting the show for two months last year. "They’re very advanced. We shoot months in advance so it’s nice and you get your script way in advance as well. Working hours are really strictly 12 hours. Sobrang nag-pa-panic na sila pag nag-13 hours na. It’s overtime, ganyan so that part is nice. I also liked working everyday. Parang maganda siya kasi tapos kaagad tapos naka-focus ka lang sa isang project. I love working there. It’s close enough that I can easily fly there and fly back. I think it’s also good to collaborate with people from different countries lalo na ang dami rin namang Pilipino dun di ba? Pero of course I would love to do more projects in Singapore. Actually the Singaporeans they’re very friendly and napansin ko lang they love having a Filipino around,” she shared.

Being in a foreign country also gave Karylle the chance to enjoy being a tourist. "Actually I super love working in Singapore. It just gives me a taste of being independent kahit papaano kasi there you can roam around, really commute, the MRT is great. It’s actually a pretty small and safe place. Minsan maiisip mo pa ba na ma-ho-homesick ka eh ang dami daming Pinoy na mapagmahal talaga. Yung OFW experience kasi sometimes ma-fi-freak out ka dahil ang taas ng cost of living but at the same time because I’m bakasyonista, nakakalimutan ko na kailangan ko pala mag-budget. Hindi ako dapat maubusan ng cash (laughs),” she recalled.

For her role as a pole dancer and single parent Maia, Karylle revealed she took pole dancing lessons before going to Singapore. "I auditioned for a role but I got another one. They built on it and parang they felt it would be more appropriate for me and then I had to learn how to pole dance kasama ko si Luningning. Meron siyang studio dito lang sa Quezon City and sinamahan din ako ng mga Showtime dancer para makapag-ready. Kasi ibang feeling din yung mag-po-pole dance ka. You have to be very comfortable with your body. Eh usually yung mga Pinay hindi naman tayo ganun kahilig mag-bikini or whatever. I think the training with Luningning really helped. Just being there with people who are just so comfortable with themselves and their bodies. Sa pole dancing kasi mahirap siya pero once you put on the high heels parang sobra niyang taas. Once you put it on nag-iiba yung tindig mo at saka sobrang sexy talaga yung feeling so nakakatulong naman din. Ako kasi maselan ako so ang dami kong pasa during the time na nag-te-train ako,” she added.

Watch Karylle in the 13-episode series Private Investigator produced by Singapore’s Mediacorp starting January 9 via Channel 5 (in Singapore) and on the Toggle.Sg app online.