EXCLUSIVE: Does Piolo Pascual still want to quit showbiz?

Piolo Pascual on staying on top: ‘To be on top, I mean that’s a sense of entitlement.’


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1/4/2017 9:54 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Does Piolo Pascual still want to quit showbiz?

010417-PioloPUSH.jpgAlmost two years after he talked about planning to quit showbiz, Piolo Pascual admitted that it’s now a far off idea.

“Ayaw eh. Gusto ko sana kaso ayaw eh. So I’m just really grateful,” he said in an exclusive interview with Push.

“Who am I to resist? I mean to refuse work or blessings. I’m just thankful that I’m still around. As long as the station needs me,” he continued.

But the Ultimate Heartthrob, who is turning a year older next week, maintained that he still wants to take one day at a time so as to be able to “appreciate life better.”

“I’ve been living in the fast lane. I want to be able to enjoy the people around me. And try to leave a good mark and just really enjoy,” he said.

Aside from turning 40 this year, Piolo is also celebrating his 20th anniversary in the business. To mark this milestone, the actor’s fans can expect to his big screen comeback opposite Yen Santos titled Once in a Lifetime, which was partly shot in New Zealand, as well as, a new studio album.

However, according to Piolo, he has a number of dream projects that he hopes to accomplish sooner than later.

“I want to travel the region, just in case there’s a chance for me to showcase Filipino talents not just here but also abroad,” he said.

Piolo believes that Filipino talents are on par with other global acts.

“For me our market is the universe, our market is the world. So we should not be limited by our Filipino audience,” he said.

On a personal level, the actor-singer still wishes to continue doing the things that he enjoys doing these days such as traveling, doing triathlons and marathons, and basically being a citizen of the world.

How about staying on top of the business?

“It’s not for me to say. Being in this business for a long time it’s a blessing already. To be on top, I mean that’s a sense of entitlement,” he said.

He explained, “I’ll never hold on to something that is fleeting. As long as I know I’m enjoying my life and I’m able to do things that I enjoy doing, that’s okay by me.”