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Popsters share ano ang bago kay Sarah Geronimo at bakit siya na ang total performer!



1/29/2017 10:00 AM
Popsters share ano ang bago kay Sarah Geronimo at bakit siya na ang total performer!

012817-SarahGeronimo_PUSH.jpgThere are artists whose only goal is to be in the spotlight. Then there are those who dare to create their own stage wherein they can shine—for as long as they want. And Sarah Geronimo is one of the latter. After securing her stellar status as a recording star, she ventured into the unknown and became an actress, a host, a dancer, and even started taking cooking classes! Because really, why settle as an ordinary artist when you can be a Popstar Royalty?

Sarah’s transformation into a total performer catapulted her to greater heights. And everyone’s happy about it—particularly her loyal fans, the Popsters. For years, they’ve been queuing up at record stores, cinemas, and concert halls just to show their undying support for their idol. What motivates them to unfailingly do so? Let these Popsters answer that:

“Before, she uses her powerful voice and undeniable charm to wow the crowd. Now, she can also make the crowd dance to the beat of her songs, sing along with her, and leave them in awe with her fierce performances. Ibang tao talaga siya kapag nasa stage.” 

-Lee Ann Santos

"She deviated from the usual biriteras… She showed everyone that one need not to hit the highest note there is just to be called a good singer. She showed how great she is by conveying the message of the song, by relaying to the public and the listeners of the emotions the songwriter wants everyone to feel." 

-Candy Bumanglag

“Never niya ni-limit yung sarili niya specially when it comes to learning about new things. She started out as a singer, then nagcoach siya, acting and now even cooking! Binibigay niya talaga yung best niya for anything na ginagawa niya. For example ‘yung interest niya in culinary arts talagang ginawan niya ng way para makapag-invest siya ng time and effort. Makikita naman natin yun kasi recently she enrolled in a formal cooking school with a well-known chef. So ‘pag meron siyang gustong gawin, she really makes an effort to transform herself and learn.”

-Maricris Espejo

“She always give her 101% performance that always left us in awe. Laging may bago sa kanya, lagi siyang may pasabog,para bang yung una at huli nyang performance. Yung tipong kapag nalaman o narinig mo na si Sarah G ang magtatanghal, talagang ititigil mo anumang gawain sapagkat alam mong kakaibang Sarah G na naman ang mapapanood mo. Kaya't hindi rin nakapagtataka na hindi lang mga fans nya ang napapahanga nya. Pati na rin ang ibang taong ngayon lang siya napanood bilang performer,mapa-Pilipinas man o abroad." 

 -Cynthia Surwez

“Iba talaga si Sarah G! Mararamdamam mo yung dedication nya pag gusto nya ang isang bagay. Love na love rin namin sya dahil lagi siyang ready na i-explore ang iba’t-ibang talent nya—mapa-singing, dancing, o acting man ‘yan. And recently, nahilig na rin sya pati sa pagluluto. Kaya nga kaming mga Popsters, ang bago namin na wish ay sana magkaroon din ng chance na matikman ang luto nya!”

-A. Sy

Sarah Geronimo really transformed, through the years, from being a power belter turned into a sophisticated, classy artist wherein she really find herself comfortable, in her craft, with no pretentious moves and she continues on redefining herself as time goes by. In addition, Sarah is also a good example of a modern Filipina that despite of being a versatile and well-known artist, as Sarah herself, she never forgets to look back on everything. From being the Popstar Royalty with a numerous recognitions, Sarah Geronimo also proves that she's also, like us, an ordinary person. She believes that tagging her "Popstar Royalty" doesn't bother her new discovery to herself which is her capability of being a "chef" or a "cook". She finds it as a "new discovery" when she took a 2-month break from her work in show business. And with that, it's one for the books for Sarah, another milestone of her life wherein a part of redefining and rediscovering herself a far from her work as a performer.

-Johnrey Calibo

Sarah Geronimo deserves every bit of recognition she gets. With her talent, perseverance, and courage to embrace change, there’s no stopping her from achieving greatness not just onstage, but in any role she chooses, whether on screen, on the dance floor, or even in the kitchen!