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EXCLUSIVE: Wil Dasovich roots for PBB housemate Cora: ‘Na-miss kita talaga’

Wil Dasovich admits he does not miss being a reality show contestant.


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1/29/2017 8:36 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Wil Dasovich roots for PBB housemate Cora: ‘Na-miss kita talaga’

012917-WilDasovich_PUSH.jpgAfter leaving the Pinoy Big Brother house earlier this month, former housemate Wil Dasovich admitted he is enjoying returning to his regular life before he entered the 24/7 reality show. "Masaya talaga yung buhay sa labas ng bahay kasi I’m back to doing what I do. I’m vlogging, making videos, traveling, exploring, being spontaneous, and just living life to the fullest. Sa totoo lang I don’t really miss being in the house. I guess I miss the people, being with Tanner, Cora, and all my good friends but I know makikita ko sila soon. But right now super masaya ako na I’m back to my normal life just having fun,” he shared during the Milo Nutri Up Your Game event held in Makati city.

Although he is used to being in front of the camera as one of the country’s most popular personalities on YouTube, Wil said being on Pinoy Big Brother was a different kind of experience. "I think the biggest thing na natutunan ko is just how to be grateful because dahil sa sobrang hirap talaga ng buhay sa loob ng bahay ni Kuya, I’m just so thankful now just for the littlest things. For food, for the clothes I get to wear, and everything else, all the small things in life. You know sanay na ako to be recognized almost on a daily basis but it’s a whole new level now. I mean I was not prepared whatsoever na ganun kadaming tao would recognize me going through the streets and stuff. Pumunta ako sa palengke the day after I got out of the house and usually it takes me siguro 30 minutes lang yung pamamalengke ko pero it took three hours because I had to take pictures and talk to everyone so magulo talaga pero masaya pa rin kasi para sa akin nakakasaya just to see yung mga taong ngumingiti and everyone happy. I really like it. I love it. I enjoy all of it,” he admitted.

During his stint inside the house, Wil shared where he got his seemingly endless energy which made him one of the most likable housemates this season. "Sa akin, I guess yung energy ko I think yan talaga yung perspective ko sa buhay is I’m just excited at every moment that I get to do what I want. I’m doing what I love and what I’m passionate about. You have to make the most out of any moment so kahit nasa MRT, nakasiksik ka, you’re waiting in line, and there’s always ways to have fun. And that’s one of the things na prino-promote ko sa channel ko is sa kahit na anong sitwasyon, good or bad, it’s all about your attitude and there’s always a way to keep things entertaining and have fun. So yun lang, it’s just my outlook in life,” he explained.

With his fellow #VlogSquad member Coraleen Waddell still in the PBB house, Wil hopes she will make it to the finals of the daily Kapamilya show. "Cora! Na-miss kita talaga and excited talaga ako for when you get out. But sana you’ll be there until the end and sana manalo ka and I’m excited to get back, making videos together so the vlog squad can reunite,” he said.

But even with his PBB experience, Wil said he does not plan to give it up to join showbiz full-time. "No, I am a 100% YouTuber and ito talaga ang passion ko. This is what I do and I will continue to YouTube hanggang kamatayan. Until the day I die talaga. Ang acting kung may oportunidad ako maybe I’ll do some small stuff but where I’m going to focus talaga is YouTube kasi this is what I’m passionate about. It’s what I love doing,” he added.