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Solenn and Erwan Heussaff on growing up as fat kids: ‘It was not an easy journey’

Solenn and Erwan Heussaff share why they both want to make 2017 their fittest year ever.

Solenn and Erwan Heussaff on growing up as fat kids: ‘It was not an easy journey’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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01/25/2017 10:26 AM
Solenn and Erwan Heussaff on growing up as fat kids: ‘It was not an easy journey’

012517-ErwannSolenn_PUSH.jpgAs one of the two fittest celebrities in the country, Solenn and Erwan Heussaff admitted they weren’t always living the healthiest lifestyle while growing up. "I was big when I was small and it was not an easy journey for the two of us and we did it so anyone else can do it din. It’s nice to be an inspiration,” Solenn said.

Now that they have been asked to endorsed a product together, Erwan admitted they felt very honored to be approached by the energy drink brand. "I think when we started working with Milo we thought it was really cool because usually they only talk to athletes and Solenn and I are definitely not athletes. But we really love to work out and we were both fat kids growing up. It feels great to have people kind of go up to you and say, ‘You know you pushed me to work out. I go to the gym now because of you or I lost weight because of you,’” he shared during the Milo Nutri Up Your Game event held last January 21 in Makati city.

Erwan said family played a big role in helping him get fitter after his fat kid phase. "I think family is part of your best support system. When you’re trying to be fit or trying to lose weight or trying to work out more, it’s really important to have someone there for you. We’re pretty blessed because we come from a family that is extremely active. My dad is 72 and he still works out. My mom does a lot of sports and yoga. So we all push each other to kind of be better versions of ourselves,” he explained.

Solenn said that growing up she and Erwan did not have any sibling rivalry that caused any big fights. "He thinks he’s better at some things. Of course naman lalake pa rin siya so he has stronger points. I have stronger points din like core, siya mas sa legs and endurance,” she added.

The celebrity siblings also enjoy different workouts with Solenn likes to do a mix of boxing and yoga while Erwan prefers more of outdoor activities. "I enjoy run sprinting, swimming, and CrossFit just because it moves everything and diet-wise I try to eat everything as naturally as possible,” he explained.

This year, the Heussaffs hope to set their highest personal fitness goals. “I just turned 30 so I really want this year to kind of be my fittest year ever. Just because I do feel like I’m getting slightly slower, things are harder to do, in terms of just how your body changes. So I really want this year to kind of be like my strongest and most disciplined year ever. It’s 2017 so we thought the best way to kind of start the year was to try to inspire people to be healthier and to lead a healthier lifestyle. We’re big fans of the product and we just really want to push people to have this year as their strongest year possible. Nowadays, everyone is on their phone, head down, and always answering emails and texts and stuff like that so working out is one of those activities where you can’t physically hold on to your phone while working out so it’s one time you get to connect to other people when you’re partnering yourself,” Erwan shared.

Now that Solenn is married, younger brother Erwan said nothing much has changed with his sister. "None really. Nothing’s really changed. She’s just as determined as she used to be. And in terms of relationship nothing’s changed at all. Actually I’m closer to her husband than I am to my sister (laughs). I should have married Nico not her,” he said jokingly. Solenn admitted married life was not a big adjustment for her. "We were living in before we got married so wala talagang naiba. And the good thing with Nico he’s also really sporty and really competitive so he always competes with Erwan, they always try to one up each other. And with me naman, he comes with me in yoga. Since I can do something better than him he can’t accept it (laughs),” she added.

Another thing the siblings have in common is that they are both not big fans of celebrating Valentine’s day. “I hate Valentine’s (laughs). I’m not into it. I find that if you love someone you should love him all throughout the year and not just on one day,” she said.