Is Kylie Padilla pregnant?

Some blind items are said to be describing the young actress as the preggy star who recently got reunited with an ex-boyfriend.



1/23/2017 9:00 AM
Is Kylie Padilla pregnant?

012317-Kylie.jpgRumors about Kylie Padilla’s alleged pregnancy has been circulating after blind items report that an actress who just got back with her ex-boyfriend is now pregnant. Kylie and Ajlur Abrenica confirmed last September 2016 that they’re dating again.

A source also told  that Kylie was spotted visiting an OB-Gyne clinic.

Robin Padilla’s daughter is also part of the GMA TV series Encantadia and one of the 4 sanggres is about to die. Netizens on Twitter were guessing that it might be Kylie and even used the hashtag “#BuntisSiAmihan.”

Kylie's manager, Betchay Vidanes says she and the actress have yet to discuss the issue. She also defended Kylie about visiting an OB saying it is normal for women to go to a doctor for check ups.