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Maxine Medina on those criticizing her: 'I’m not affecting myself with that'

The Miss Universe contestant remains confident she has the full support of all Pinoys.

Maxine Medina on those criticizing her: 'I’m not affecting myself with that'-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


01/23/2017 12:57 AM
Maxine Medina on those criticizing her: 'I’m not affecting myself with that'

012317-MaxineMedina_PUSH.jpgAs the country’s representative to the 65th Miss Universe pageant, Maxine Medina said she is currently enjoying how hectic her schedule has been for the past week leading up to the day of the pageant itself on January 30. 

"I’m having fun. All of the moments I’ve been with the candidates they’re all asking me questions about the Philippines. I’m really, really proud of it. I’m really proud that we’ve been going around each island and I’m really excited to show them and they’re all enjoying it now. They’ve been asking me Tagalog words. I’m actually teaching them how to say ‘Salamat po,’ the ‘ate,’ ‘kuya’ that they can use here in the Philippines while they’re staying here.  

"I’m enjoying it. Every moment of it because this is once in a lifetime. Paulit-ulit kong sasabihin yun kasi I’m enjoying every moment of it,” she shared during the Filipina Royalty event held last January 21 at Okada Manila in Pasay City. 

The 26-year-old model and interior designer from Quezon City said she has taken to heart the advice given to her by reigning Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach. 

"She doesn’t want me to be pressured too much. She just wants me to enjoy being me, being myself because Miss Universe is different now, you have to break that stereotype of being just like a beauty queen, just like a queen. You have to give it all, your character, what you can be, that you can prove them all that you can be anything. 

"Pia and me were talking and then someone said, ‘Oh it’s nice to hear you talking in Tagalog.’ So that’s why i got the idea na why can’t I speak in Tagalog? You should be proud of it. Same with the other candidates, they’re all proud of their languages. I will let you know if, you know, I will have a translator or I’ll be talking in Tagalog or English,” she revealed. 

Maxine also shared her reasons for speaking in English during interviews. 

"Well what I think is that Miss Universe somehow needs someone who can really speak in English, a little bit of speaking in English because you know they need someone to reach out to these children, to reach out to the whole world. Like no matter what language you have, you can just connect with them through English. Well English is an universal language and that is how I can connect with the other candidates, with the other nationalities. And that’s the only way at least you’re able to share the message of Miss Universe,” she explained. 

With former Miss Universe Gloria Diaz’s recent interview about not hoping for a back-to-back win for the country, Maxine said people should take that statement with a grain of salt. 

"Well everyone seems to think that because Gloria Diaz is also a candidate who won in another country. Let’s see on the pageant itself. No, I’m not affecting myself with that. Everyone thinks that way and who knows? We can have a back-to-back (win). Venezuela did that. In her own hometown. I’m not affecting myself so much about that because I’m here actually to focus to win the crown again for the Philippines,” she stated. 

The Filipina beauty queen added she is confident that the country is behind her all the way. 

"Of course. Well I think all of the Filipinos will be rooting for me. All of the Filipinos are believing in me and that’s something that I can hold on (to). Kaya natin ito. Mga kababayan sana suportahan niyo ako all throughout this journey of mine and don’t forget to vote. There’s four ways to vote for Miss Universe. Number one you have to download the voting application, through the Miss Universe website, and through the Miss Universe application, and through Miss Universe Twitter,” she said.